Thursday, July 02, 2015

Time for bed...

I just got word that Ben made it home! I'm so thankful that he is with the kids, and I'm sure they are bombarding him with questions as we speak.

Not every Ronald McDonald house does this, but the one in NY offers dinner every night. I knew I needed to be around people so I made my way up to the terrace. I met some lovely people, and specifically a family with four kids-two boys and two girls. Their 22 month old boy is at the hospital receiving treatment for cancer.  

It is amazing how something so horrible and tragic like cancer can also be so unifying. It is encouraging and inspiring to hear the stories of other families. 

It's late now, so Elijah and I will head to bed. Thank you again for praying!!!

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Michele Sochay said...

I just wanted to give you a note of encouragement as you and Ben are across the country dealing with all this that you can remember you have far greater strength to deal with these things than you ever thought possible. Philippians 4:13 tells us that we can have strength for every situation through Christ who empowers us. You and Ben are AWESOMELY strong right now even if you don't feel that way. God IS giving you strength, grace, mercy, wisdom peace and even patience to go through this time as we continue to lift you up in prayer.
You are an inspiration on your blog and the light of Christ shines richly already. Keep being the loving Mom you are, and know that with all these different time zones, that must mean you are prayed for around the clock. :)
Love from your Minnesota cousin Michele and family