Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011

To my Emma...

Dear Emma,
Tomorrow, you will be eight years old. You have grown up so quickly. I love watching you practice your ballet; it seems that you are your happiest when you are dancing and swaying. There are so many things that my heart wants to say to you. I love you so much. I fear that as our oldest, you have borne the brunt of all our parenting mistakes!! You have borne them well. You have such a sweet, and tender heart. You love to help and to teach. You wanted (and still want!!) a little sister so badly, and yet you love Judah so much... Just this morning, you were agreeing with me, that Judah is a necessary part of our family.
I love you so much. I remember the days, when it was just you and I... and although that time was not long, we laughed and danced and had lots of fun. You have grown into such a "girly" girl. You love painting your nails, curling your hair, playing with make-up, and dressing in your fanciest clothes.
Oh Emma... I wish I could open my heart and show you everything there. Words fail me in this season of little sleep. But for now, it is enough to say with all of my heart that I love you. You have changed me, or rather, Jesus has changed me by allowing me to be your mom. You amaze me. You teach me more about Jesus and His love everyday. My heart's prayer for you is that you would love Jesus more than anything. And that as you love Him more, you would trust Him as your Good Shepherd, and that you would dance your way through this life more gracefully and sweetly than I have. I pray that you would learn to dance with your Heavenly Father, who has orchestrated a beautiful dance for you.... You can trust Him to be Good, and Faithful and True.
I love you Emma.
Happy Birthday.


My text to Ben this morning

with this picture:
"Oh man. The Lord knew I was going to need to sleep good last night.;) Judah's screaming, just cleaned up the second poop incident with Ezra, there's still pee covered up by a towel on the floor, and I've resorted to grading 4th grade math with a calculator. But we're choosing joy."

I am reading a children's version of one of my dearest favorites, Hind's Feet on High Places. It is sweet because it has devotional questions and verses, so I am going through it with Emma and Caleb during quiet time.
Today we read these two quotes which spoke sweetly to my heart:

"...the wild flowers have a wonderful lesson to teach. Many people live a quiet, ordinary life. Hardly anyone even knows about them, but their hearts are like delightful gardens where the King Himself walks and rejoices. Some of my servants have won great respect from other people and are famous, but always their greatest victories are like the wild flowers, those which no one knows about."

"...'the water seems to be singing so gladly because it is hurrying to go down into the Valley, and yet You are calling me to the High Places. What does it mean?'
'The High Places,' answered the Shepherd, 'are the starting place. It is only on the High Places of Love that anyone can receive the power to pour himself out and give to others.'"

Thank you Jesus. My heart needed that. =)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Today, I asked the kids to write stories for Grandpa for his birthday:
(I have tried to keep it like they wrote it, so there are misspelled words, and some other mistakes. I did include periods even if they were missing for readability. )

Emma, age 7 (for 2 more days):
Once Apon a time there was a ten year old girl named Jenny and she loved playing with five year old Sally. So she asked to babysit Sally but her mom and dad said she was to young. Jenny was sad but her mom said she could go to her Aunt's house. Then Jenny had an idea. Mom she said could I babysit Sally with Aunt Kate? Of course dear go get Sally and I'll drive you to Aunt Kate's.
The End

Caleb, age 6
Sarah was going to the fair with her doll Peg, her friend Joe and his dogs, Jim and James. When they got to the fair Sarah, Joe, Jim and James and Peg went to the roller coster but then Peg fell out. the roller coster stopped and they started looking for Peg. First they looked for her in the Haunted house. Then they looked for her in the video arcade. Then they looked in the minature golf. Then they looked in the pony ride and she wasn't there. They almost gave up when a clown walked up to them. He was holding Peg! Is this yours he said. Yes! said Sarah. Thank you!
The End