Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Judah Sean

Dear Judah,
     Today, you are four years old!!!! You are so fun and cuddly (you remind me a lot of your brother Noah). You love making jokes! You love giving kisses!  You only have two volumes: off (when you're asleep) and very LOUD.  You admire your brothers so much, you just love doing what they do.  I recently asked everyone in our family six questions.  These are your answers:
1. What am I interested in? Legos, cookies, schoolwork, math, coloring
2.  What am I good at? Picking up things (not super heavy!), coloring, cleaning up Evie's room.
3. What would I like to learn more about? Pictures of our family, coloring, and treats. (Can you tell they were coloring when I asked them these questions?????)
4. When I grow up, I want to be....a cowboy, a firefighter, a babysitter
5. One big dream I have is: to worship God at church
6. I can help the world by: worshipping God and Jesus, and by killing all the bad guys...
    I can help the church by: helping Jesus

     Judah Sean, it is such a privilege to be your mommy. You are full of life and joy. You are so good at bringing laughter to a room! Oh, I pray that, as you praise and worship God, you would change the world and build God's Kingdom. I pray that your ability to bring joy and laughter to hearts would always point people to the One who rejoices and sings over them. I love you Judah! May you feel loved and special today as we celebrate your fourth birthday!
With love,