Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let the baking begin!!!!

Today we tackled 4 pies!!! Emma, Caleb, and Noah each made their first pie crust. Can't wait to try them tomorrow!

Baby girl!!!

Girl's Night!

We had a sweet opportunity to take Emma to see Jackie Evancho in concert. It was a really special night, and we loved the music!!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seven months???

Really??? Seven months already??? Her 3rd and 4th teeth are poking through. She rocks back and forth on her knees. She gets where she wants to go-a little bit of army crawl, a little bit of scoot. She'll probably be crawling next week. It is going too fast; but the whole family gathers around as we cheer her on and delight in her newfound skills. We love you Evelyn Hope!!!!

The Goat Farm...

All the other pictures are on Ben's phone because mine is full. :( 
But, we had a ton of fun! Noah got to hang out with his favorite animal-the turtle! A big tortoise! Emma loved milking the goat, there were life-sized Jenga and Twister games, and a really fun swing. Not to mention, we were able to replace our beloved goat soap. ;-)

Field Trip to In-N-Out!!!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Well, after seeing a homeopath, he recommended giving up chocolate for a month. This didn't SEEM like a big deal, but has proved to be more difficult than I had imagined. ;-)
Anyhow...I decided to try making this festive looking dessert for dinner. It is arborio rice, made with coconut milk, a little sugar and vanilla, and water. I served it warm, topped with pomegranate seeds and coconut chips. Yummy!!!!

Art class...

Wednesday evening art....