Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The best laid plans....

We set out this morning on a "quick" errand....which turned into about a 2 and a half hour walk. By about the last 20 minutes or so, Noah was crying, even Caleb was pretty worn out, Ezra was almost sleep-walking, and Judah was asleep. So, I suppose you could say we learned a lesson in perseverance! And, nothing like yummy smoothies to make it enjoyable. I bought this supplement from Trader Joe's (I normally don't do supplements), which contains dairy-free probiotics to keep our tummies stocked with the good bacteria. :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Mother's Day

I find it so *interesting* that this year, I knew Ben would be coming home from Boston on Mother's Day. So I had no expectations-except that I would be a
mother....and I planned on enjoying it!! :-)
How sweet, that my husband found me this tea set in Chinatown in Boston....
I felt so honored and loved. And it is a perfect reminder that when the heat is on, the flavor intensifies....I want to be found tasting sweet, calming, soothing, and warming to the soul. Or, I at least want to set that before me as something to "steep" on. ;-)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012



This link is for the intro. video for the Boston Prayer Tour.  Daddy left very early this morning...and since he is on his way to Boston, it goes without saying that we are not only very invested in this particular prayer tour, but we are spending the week learning more about Boston.

As we were praying this morning:
Emma prayed for lots of new relationships, for unity, and that they would know the presence of Jesus.
Caleb prayed that Pastor Al would not be tempted by Satan and that the team would be of one mind.
I was humbled.
And Noah declared, "I am going to call Satan Mr. Stinky!!!"

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma

Today, you are nine years old. That basically means that I've been doing this whole "mom" gig for a decade. Which is wild, because I still feel brand new at it sometimes.
But, today was one of those days, where it hits you all at once how quickly time is passing. Grandma and I took you to the American Girl Store for lunch. It was our first time ever at the store....but we figured that we don't have too many years left where this will be what is fun and special for you.
We had such a lovely time. I could see on your face how loved, and honored, and special you felt.
It was a very special trip for Grandma and I-we are both so honored to have shared your birthday with you. And even more than that, we are honored to share our lives with you.
One of the "conversation starters" at the table had you describe your personality in one word. Emma described me as generous, and full of surprises! So I described her-friendly and loving.
Clearly, we didn't follow the instructions....but it was lovely nonetheless.
Oh Emma, I love you so much.
But back to our day....your Kit doll got her ears pierced, and we found you some "feather dangly" earrings. Evidently no one thought I would let you wear earrings like that....but alas, maybe I am cooler than people suspect. Or, maybe I am a sucker for how cute you are. :-)
Anyhow. I am honored to love you, and I am so thankful that God gave you to
me. This year, I have many prayers for you, but I more aware than ever of my prayer that I, as your mom, would be faithful to communicate the gospel, and it's beauty and power to transform life as we know it. May you know the grace of Jesus Christ, which has forever washed you and made you completely loved and accepted in God's sight. May you know how lovely you are in God's sight because you are in Christ.
I love you.