Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Doctor's Appointment

Okay, so I saw the midwife today...she says I am 1 cm dilated (which is nothing much to speak of) and "soft" (I can't remember what that means either), and the baby's head is way down there. This all of course could mean nothing...
She asked if I wanted to go over to St. John's tomorrow and have things moved along a bit, since she seems to think it wouldn't take much to just get me going. However, I wasn't really comfortable with that idea...I would rather have this little man come on his own. So, I said no thanks...
My next appointment is Tuesday at the Oxnard office, where the Dr. will probably want me to just go over to St. John's since it will be convenient for him...The midwife says that if I make it to Tuesday, I can deliver at St. John's, if I deliver before then, it will probably be at CMH. I'm okay either way, but I think it will be nice for the baby to come on his own timetable!!! I haven't had any contractions at all, just really crampy the last two days. So, we'll see!!

I have two sisters-in-law that are preggo-Kelly, who is due in March, and Cher-ami, who is due about 1-2 weeks after me. Well, Cher-ami is now on bed rest because they think she might be in pre-term labor!! Yikes! So, I have been trying to help out with Ethan as much as I will be interesting to see what happens, but we have joked about trying to just give birth at the same time so our families can be there!!

P.S. I took Caleb with me this morning and we enjoyed a lovely IHOP breakfast together. It was so fun to be out just us two--it felt so special, especially since I'll have another little guy soon. Caleb was so sweet, he kept telling me he was "so excited for breakfast!" And when I told him I love him, he said, "I love you too, mom." Emma enjoyed making fresh orange juice with grandma...I am so blessed!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Little bursts of laughter

Emma (to Grandma): I don't think mommy should go to work with you guys. Mommy stays home and works all the time. She washes my clothes for me, and gets me a tissue for my yogurt and she tells me what time it is for snack.

Upon reading the title of our new book...
"Froggy Plays Soccer."
Emma, "And so do I!!"
Caleb, "Me too!!"

Caleb, "Mom, I got stinky poo-poos..."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pee-wee Soccer and other stuff

So, this Thursday Miss Emma starts pee-wee soccer. Now Ben played soccer in high school, and yes, even I have some dusty old soccer team picture burried away from my elementary years, but let me just say...There is not much cuter than a tiny girl burried beneath pink shin guards practicing her "super soccer kick." The shin guards are of course pink, because as Emma says, "Pink is for girls, so I have to have pink ones."

Caleb loves to copy EVERYTHING big sister I often get to hear everything two times. This morning, since Grandpa brings home donuts on Sunday mornings, Emma announced (and Caleb repeated) that "Grandpa brings home all the GOOD stuff."

And of course, in response to my mom's cut on her finger, Emma told her, "Well, you have to be VERY careful. My mommy is always careful."

And Miss Nikki in the nursery at church informed me that after several drinks of pretend hot tea, Emma told her, "Oh, whatever, I'm sure it's okay to drink by now!"

And at the gymnastics class we went to on Thursday, Caleb was practically running across the balance beam, with my finger of course. He even did a summersault on the beam with mommy's help. Emma walked across the beam by herself and did "flips" around the bar. They had a great time...I was busy trying to run in two different directions and didn't see or talk to anyone who I had planned to see and talk to. But I left with happy children. Then at Wendy's (fast food), my worn out little boy threw such a tantrum that he fell asleep on the floor. Wendy's must have been good, because as we passed the one in Ojai Emma said excitedly, "There's Amy's!!"

Un-answers...and lessons in faith

So, we are moving back to Ojai. I can't exactly tell you when, although I think I've already moved, technically...The kids and I are here, as well as all our clothes (well, at least the ones that still fit my largely protruding belly) and Ben is in Crestline with a house of furniture and other stuff that we must not really need since we are without it and getting along okay. There are so many things that have brought us to this many that I wouldn't even know where to start. It's hard when people ask why or how or what made us decide to come back to Ojai, because how do you condense 15 months of things you don't really understand into a simple answer that would satisfy? But God is ever so faithful...answers I do not have, but I have oh so much more. Like a husband who is willing to make sacrifices in order to take care of his family. Like two beautiful, perfect, ornery children who light up my life. Like a healthy, large (at least he feels that way!!) baby waiting to come make our family into something it's never been before. Like parents who are willing to revisit the years of unending questions, late night wake-up calls, and waiting in line for the bathroom...with no promise of a quick end in sight. Like a God who is so faithful and so patient, who provides all that I need. And so these days, I am short on answers...I don't have the answers about what happened in the last 15 months, or what really went on in Crestline (except for a few important life lessons), and I don't have the answers about what lies ahead for us...Ben's job, what we're going to do with the house in Crestline, when the baby is coming (although that could be soon...). But I have a faithful God who is most worthy of my faith, my trust, and my confidence.
"Without faith it is impossible to please God, and anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him."
"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."
"According to your faith will it be done to you."

Monday, September 11, 2006

Without Internet

Okay, so a few people have asked, since it's been so long since I posted. Well, we've been without internet (and still are technically). So, I haven't been very good at returning e-mails or keeping everyone up-to-date. A lot can happen in a month!! We got moved into our house and discovered some plumbing and electrical problems. After some drama and a little trauma, all those things are fixed and working. Anyway, after much prayer and a few crazy situations...we have decided to have the baby in Ojai. So the kids and I are staying at my parents house. I have five weeks until my due date, and I am only about 2 1/2 weeks away from when I delivered Emma and Caleb. So, we are here, awaiting the arrival of our little boy, who, by the way, still doesn't have a name. I think that's as much catching up as I can do for everyone right now. Thanks for loving us and praying for us!