Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A little late, for my Caleb Paul

Dear Caleb,
This past week, you turned six years old. I can barely believe that you, my sweet baby boy, are six years old. You have grown so much. You are getting quite tall. You love to read. You have read all of the books in the Chronicles of Narnia series. I am learning not to doubt your comprehension. =) You love riding your bike, and your scooter. You love weapons of all kinds, and you love building all kinds of things with legos. You have recently become interested in Star Wars. For your birthday, we allowed you to watch Episode 4 with Momma and Daddy. It took us three nights to watch it all!!
For your birthday, you received a tennis racket. You recently started tennis lessons, and your friends Josh, Jillian, and Mia are in the class with you. You really wanted a puzzle with more than 100 pieces, so we got you a 550 piece puzzle of your own. You are an observer. You catch things that I don't always expect you to catch. You recently got to go shooting with Daddy for the first time.
I could tell, on your birthday, that you felt so special and loved and valued. You walked tall, but you were not too proud. You are doing so much better about not giving "full vent to your anger." You love to read your Bible. You always get ahead of us in our reading.
You are the one who always has a hug for mom. You remind me of your Daddy in many ways. We love you so much, Caleb Paul Hester. This has been a wonderful year of growth for you. You know how to add with regrouping, and subtract with regrouping. We have learned so much about Ancient Egypt, and we have read great books, and we have loved the Best Book. You are a treasure. We pray that you would live up to your name, Caleb, which means faithful. That you would love Jesus more and more each day, and that one day, you will be an arrow that will fly from us and do great damage against the kingdom of darkness in the name of the One who is the Light.
We love you.