Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Godly Wisdom...

Wow... I really cannot stress the importance of community. Having other women in my life that I can text, like this morning, and ask for prayer. For some reason, the kids were just kinda going nuts, and super emotional (couldn't possibly have anything to do with Community Group at our house on Monday nights, and them going to bed after 10pm???). Anyhow, I texted my lovely ladies and just asked for prayer.... I love the godly wisdom I received from my friend:

"Lisa, remember the beauty of nature and the way it heals and calms the soul...Perhaps the ankle-biters could use a nature walk on the trail."

I knew I was hearing straight from heaven!! I was tired. It hurts my back to lug that big 'ole kid on my back. But, I decided to obey. Packed the kids up and headed for a local trail, where we hiked for about an hour. The kids wanted to go further, but I said it was far enough for today (Judah was getting really heavy for me).
Caleb said, "Yeah, it's hard for a mom who's wiped out!!"
I replied, "Actually, God has really helped me. And we have had so much fun on this hike, I would not have wanted to miss it!!"
"So, you mean, like, God multiplied your strength?" asked Caleb.
"Yes, sweet boy. He did."

And as we put the kids to bed and asked their highs and lows for the day, everyone agreed that our high was that it was such a good day. Only Jesus can do that!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twice Freed...

"There was no one in the room except Paul and Philemon. All the others had long since gone home; but it takes time to bring a man's whole life into the light of God, and the tired apostle looked as though he had fought some great battle and conquered. Philemon suddenly dropped at his feet, and Paul raised his hands over him and blessed him.
'The Lord bless thee and keep thee, my son in Christ. The Lord make his face to shine upon thee, and bring thee to His eternal glory through Jesus Christ our Lord.'
...'His light hath shined in our darkness,' murmured Philemon, and he stood for a full five minutes watching the beautiful craft setting out so gallantly towards the bright open sea and the lands where the sun sets. The storms would come, but the beginning was always glorious. Warmed by the glow of his great joy, he quite forgot his shivering young slave who had no cloak.
Then he turned and saw him, and a strange compassion he had never known before welled within him...he had certainly never given a thought as to the boy...Why should he? The master's comfort was the business of the slave, but the slave's comfort was not the affair of his master.
But now? Something had happened. He seemed to be seeing the whole world with eyes that had been opened. The colours of the sky were fairer, the scent of the acacia at his side suddenly mattered. Could it be that the love of Christ, mysterious and imperceptible as the coming of the dawn, was already beginning to warm and lighten the deep darkness of his broken heart? He hardly knew; but he spread his cloak round his slave and drew him to his side...."

Wow. Both Ben and I were just in awe reading this to the kids. It was so good... to be reminded of the heavenly war waged about those who would have their whole life brought into the light of God. And what a beautiful picture of how the love of Christ changes everything!! It warms our hearts and brings light to the deep darkness of our brokenness!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

12 Years...

Tonight, enjoying each other's company!
The day before we got engaged...December 1999.

It is always fun to just stop for a minute and look back, and remember. This weekend we have marveled at God's faithfulness these past 12 years of marriage. Both of us would testify in a second, that the only reason we are still married and still best friends and still like each other is... God has been gracious and Jesus has been stronger and more powerful than our sin.

We were reminiscing this morning about how we have worked harder in these last 12 years than we ever thought we would. But they have been the best 12 years of our lives. I am so privileged to be married to my best friend.