Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Much needed quote

To manage a life of pain, as a believer in Jesus, remember: This is all the hell you will ever bear. (M'Cheyne)

I read this quote this morning, and it was exactly the reminder I needed. My back has been "out" again, and causing a lot of pain. If I am honest, my body was giving me warning signs for about a week. But I didn't listen. Which, at this point, I think we can all agree, was just a little stupid. This is my first pregnancy with the back trouble. (And most likely, the last, although that is a whole new post and many prayers and tears away). But anyhow, Ben stayed home from work on Monday, to help take care of me. I got a massage, and was feeling better. I had Grammie and Grandma all lined up to help with Ezra so that Ben could go back to work. Tuesday morning, I woke up, still quite sore and moving very slowly, but moving nonetheless. Got some coffee and some toast and was heading back down the hallway. And, then, it went!! I was fortunate enough to make it to a chair in our bedroom. I was in so much pain, but I knew no matter how bad it hurt, I had to make it to the bed. So I did. But, I was in a lot of pain, even after getting there, and couldn't move at all. I am normally pretty quiet about pain, but I heard Noah say, "Mom is hurting so bad, I heard her say 'Aah!!'"
Caleb came in and asked if they could pray for me. Then I heard him go back in their room and say to the others, "Okay, let's lift our hands to the sky!" I also heard him ask, "Okay, how many of you think that God is going to answer?" (On a side note, I think it's totally awesome that our family size is so big that one of them can ask a questions like "how many of you???" as if there are soooo many!!!)
Ben came home quickly and despite my tears and moans was able to get me turned over. Just kept having spasms in my back. Very painful. The thought crept in, "I can't do this!" It has been kind of a painful couple of years, between the trigeminal neuralgia, then the back stuff, etc. But God is so gracious and faithful, I knew people must have been praying for me, because I corrected my thinking. "I can do this." We are going to make it. One day at a time. And so, this quote was particularly meaningful to me this morning. The Lord is walking us through. Praising God for the prayers of my kids. He is using even pain to shape them into prayer warriors. (They made a "prayer club" for me.) Praising God for my husband's job, which has allowed him to be home with me when I needed him so desperately. (Another side note: as he was helping me try to get to the bathroom, I had my arms wrapped around him, and I told him, "Ahhhh, best part of my day.")
Praising God for family and friends that are willing to help and to pray and to care.
Praising God that in my greatest pain, I still know remarkably little of it.
Have been super encouraged by the song, "I love your presence." Here's a link:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Update...

Man, I have been really bad at even mentioning this new child which will be coming soon. He seems to just go with the flow.
At church, we are going through the book of Philippians, and we just had an awesome sermon on not worrying (see Ch. 4) Anyhow, the question was asked, "What is keeping you from sleeping?" (Obviously meaning, what are you worrying about?) But I had a little giggle as my answer went through my head, "My bladder, my esophagus, and my pelvic bones!!"
I saw the midwife today, and she went through the kit I need to order, and things we need to have ready for the homebirth. She said the baby is head down, and it seems as though (his) head is quite tucked in there. Similar to Emma, she had a little bruise on her head from hanging out so low in there. =)
Anyhow, I am getting really excited to meet this little one.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Power of Jesus!

Tonight, we have my two nieces, Cadence and Lyric staying the night. We were reading a Bible story about Jesus walking on the water. We got to the part where Peter asks to come out of the boat, and he walks on the water. Noah exclaimed, "It was the power of Jesus!!"
I love the way he tells the story. =)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Season....

We have never been much for organized activities. For many reasons, but as the kids get a little older, we are now taking advantage of some of the neat opportunities here in town:
The little Miss, in a long-awaited ballet class.
Noah in pee-wee soccer, loving it and already loving on his coach. He is a goofball!!
Caleb in his guitar class. Only four kids, and he is so excited.

So, we will try this out and see how it works having places to go and things to do. At least until we have another little person around, then it will really be a whole new season altogether. =)

The World of Homeschooling...

We are really enjoying the use of Rod and Staff books for English. This is our first year using them. I had researched until my face turned blue, and purchased Shurley English. When I received the books, something just felt a little overwhelming about them. So, I waited. A couple of days later, a dear friend went through the FREE table at our homeschool co-op and picked up both the Teacher Book and the Student Book for Rod and Staff. One good look at it, and I knew it was a good fit. Very thorough, but super simple. No overkill. So, this year we are "Building with Diligence", and I thought I would share a sweet little poem from the book. These poems are sprinkled throughout.

"A Wise Old Owl"
A wise old owl
lived in an oak;
The more he saw,
the less he spoke;
The less he spoke,
the more he heard.
Why can't we all
be like that bird?
-Edward Hersey Richards

We are still using one of my favorites: The Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament.
And we are loving Window on the World as we pray for other countries and people groups.

Still using Veritas Press history cards, although I found myself not enjoying Greek Myths as much as we had previously. Still using Saxon Math, and it is working out just great. Oh, yes, and we only do this on Mondays, but it is still a favorite for us all:
Last year we read through "Missionary Stories with the Millers" and loved it. So this has been a really sweet journey through Proverbs.
Other than that, we have a really sweet line-up of read alouds, some cool comprehension guides to go alongside some of the kids' reading, and some things that we just haven't even touched because I was advantageous in my planning.
What are some of your favorite things???

George Muller

I don't know how to make those cute marks above the "u". Oh well. Anyhow, our family read-aloud is a biography on George Muller. Man, these authors did a great job... everyone is enjoying it. We can hardly wait to read a chapter or two each evening. Not to mention, it is such an amazing testimony of God's work in the life of an ordinary man.
Well, we have a couple of things coming up which we are not quite, *ahem* financially prepared for. So, it seemed only obvious that we would pray George Muller style. This guy is so cool. He is so certain and sure of God's provision, and as a result, God proves Himself faithful over and over again. His sweet wife certainly got used to using the phrase, "Do whatever you think is best, George."
Ben and I had a really sweet prayer time, and we are trusting God to meet our needs. And to show us when we have thought of some wants as needs, as we certainly have a way of doing. But I found it so *interesting* this morning, in a book I am reading called, "Violent Prayer" by Chris Tiegreen, that he references George Muller, and his prayers of faith, believing and trusting in God's absolute provision.
God's timing is perfect.