Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big News!!

Well, I am already pregnant, so it couldn't be that!!
One of my older brothers, Mark, came to visit this weekend from San Diego.  He brought his girlfriend, Nancy for the first time, so we were all anxious to meet her.  Then, at dinner at our house, he just springs it on me:  They're getting married!!  In August!!  
We are all so excited for them both, they are so happy, and he should have known better than to spring this big of news on me because I couldn't stop crying!!  I am just so happy for them and excited for them, and I am a big sucker for romance.  
August 8th, 2008...get it!  8-8-08!  Yeah!!

New Toy

Just to clarify, we really did need it because our computer was dying and continually giving off the "sense of impending doom."
The MacBook.  It's really fun.

A Happy Ending...and confessions from a perfectionist

Okay, so you would have to have been following this blog for at least a year to understand the following post.  So, the background is that last year, for Emma's birthday, we got a bookcase at a garage sale, and had intended to paint it (and allow her to help decorate it) as her birthday present.  Of course, with moving AGAIN, that project didn't even get started, and the bookcase has just been a thorn in Ben's desire to have his garage in order.  Well, here it is, a year later, and we have finally made some progress.  Ben must have been motivated by the desire to have the bookcase out of his he sanded it all down, and painted it pink for us.  Then, Emma and I painted on the letters for her name, and some flowers, and a palm tree.  Now, let me say that I could have done it by myself in just a few minutes.  But, it took us a good hour or so, but Emma was so thankful and so excited to actually be painting something.  And, I think the year of time that has passed since we intended to begin this was very helpful since I am sure her ability to stencil has come a long way in a year.  It was hard.  Really hard.  I had a damp paper towel, following closely because I couldn't just let there be any really noticeable mistakes on a bookcase!  But all in all, it was fun, and we hope to enjoy future projects soon.  We may not even be finished decorating the bookcase, but after that hour, it was enough for one night.  Here are some pics of the project now, which will hopefully be in Emma's room tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Emma's Birthday

So, we didn't do a big birthday party for Emma's birthday...we didn't do anything really "big" as many would call "big." But I made her a birthday skirt and a special birthday cake...and at the end of the day, she told Ben and me, "I felt loved today." Which was what we had both been praying for anyway. When Ben asked her what made her feel so loved..."All the presents!!" Her big present from mom and dad: a hula hoop. Or as Caleb calls it, "A hulee hoop."

I did make her a birthday throne, by decorating a chair with streamers and balloons. is great to be five. Here is her skirt and her cake. She got to pick the fabric for her skirt, which is a print with ballerina outfits and shoes on it.

Caleb's Haircut

It was time for Caleb to get a haircut. It's very manly. Just like Daddy's.

Out of the Habit...

Once it has been a while without blogging, it's easy to get out of the habit. It seems like there's been so much going on, I just haven't had the time to blog.

We went on a quick trip to visit the mountains last week, and to check on the little cabin we own up there. We hadn't seen the house since Noah was born (18 mos.) so we weren't sure what to expect. Anyway, our renters are doing such a good job taking care of the place, they had even done the tree trimming!

Our realtor let us stay in a cabin she has up there, which was wonderful, and they even had us over for dinner. We got to see some good friends, and catch up a little. We even got to visit the camp where Ben used to work.

This is the kids, looking at the ducks at Lake Arrowhead.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

7 Random Things...(for Tonya)

Okay, I was tagged (sorry, by the way, that I lag...), so I am about to share 7 random things. I hope I can come up with 7 random things about myself...
1. I am an introvert. Most people who know me would argue this point, and yet, it is completely true. I can be in a crowd of people, I can force myself to go up to a stranger and introduce myself, and I can even work really hard at making others feel comfortable in any given situation. But at the end of it all, I am completely exhausted and just want to be quiet and calm with a cup of tea, or coffee.

2. I feel at peace when everything is in its place. When it is not, I feel chaotic and yucky. Even if it is just one couch pillow that has fallen on the floor, it ruins the whole room for me. Of course, it doesn't bother me at someone else's house, just my own. And, the pillows are never always on the couch, and the floor is often covered in a trail of toys even after they have been picked up. So, maybe I should just get over this one??

3. When my husband and I went on our first, first date...(December 2006, I was barely 16) we went to this Christmas play at the church his mom attended. I wore a long skirt with Jack Purcell tennis shoes (trust me, it was "in" at the time!), and met his whole family as we scooted past them into our seats. His dad referred to me as "the girl who wears sneakers with her skirts" for quite some time.

4. I really want to get the Bare Escentuals mineral foundation, but it costs $75. I thought about maybe trying one of the new mineral foundations that you can get at drug stores, or Target. Any suggestions? I don't usually wear makeup (like, foundation), because I don't like that "stuff" feeling. But I like the ideal of minerals, I guess.

5. My favorite smell is my husband, cleanly shaven and just out of the shower. Nothing smells better. But after that, it is the smell of clean laundry. Yummy.

6. I love American Idol because I think I have some secret fantasy of becoming a big singer. Unfortunately, I have the aspiration, but not the voice. I can sing okay, definitely can hold a tune, and I can sing in church and stuff. But it's not an I-could-have-my-own-CD type of voice. Although, my husband sometimes tells me that I could be the voice of a Disney princess?

7. All of my bookmarks got erased, so for a while, it will be very hard for me to find all of your blog posts. But I still love you!