Sunday, January 27, 2008

You have to watch this!!

Okay, it does last 20 minutes. But it is well worth it, please watch this video...I came to it from my friend Matt's blog...We have been using cloth inserts in Noah's G Diaper, and although it is a little more work, it is great to be doing something better for the world, better for our baby, and better for our budget. There are some days when it is more challenging than others. Anyway...Here is the story of stuff:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good Intentions...

Okay, so you all know how I have to re-organize the toys every so often. Well, this morning, in the midst of many other chores that could be done, it hit me....I must re-organize the toys. So, we pulled everything out of the toy basket, and various other places. But, for some reason, that just wasn't quite enough. Then, I started moving furniture. (Isn't it amazing what hand towels can enable you to move by yourself?) So, after a crazy day, and some help from a friend...our dining room table is in our kitchen, the couch is turned around, the kid's storage cabinet is in a different room...and the living room carpet has toys all over it, with an empty toy basket less than a foot away. I'm tired. I think I will go put away some toys. But, it sure was fun!!! Isn't it amazing how moving things around a bit, and shaking things up a little can just spice up your day! We'll see what comes of it...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

If this is not humbling, I don't know what is...

Have you ever had those moments, where you actually just want to press your face as much as you can into the ground before God? This is one of those for me. Last year, when our church team went to Uganda, they took bookmarks with prayer requests from us...And the women of Uganda prayed for us all year. Now, another team from our church is there in Uganda, and they were asking about what our God has done in the way of answering these prayers. I didn't even remember filling one out, or asking for prayer for anything. But, I guess I must have asked prayer regarding a job for Ben. Today, I received this e-mail from a mighty warrior-princess friend of mine, who is privileged enough to be there in Uganda with these amazing women.

"I met the woman who has been praying for you through the bookmark ministry and she sends her greetings. She was overjoyed and yelled Amina and clapped her hands when I told her that not only did Ben get a job but you also bought a house. She said to tell you that the one who has been praying for you is so happy because of the testimony."

And so again, I can barely breathe as the tears fall and I think, "She was praying for us?? And our mighty God answered those prayers!!"
This woman, who probably has so little was praying for us in our abundance and I am ashamed. Ashamed that I think we "rough it" because we can't afford cable or Starbuck's or stupid things. And yet so overwhelmingly amazed, awed, thankful...God's abundant grace to us is so undeserved. Oh God, forgive me! Oh God, may I not hoard this abundance, but constantly strive to give more and more and more...because you have so lavishly given to us. Oh God, bless this amazing woman from Uganda, whose prayers must have been so precious to you that you answered them and we are the bearers of those blessings. Thank you God...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quick Catch Up

Well, we had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior, with our families, and the kids...It was great. I don't really know what else to say about it, except that it was great. We added to our Christmas collection this year, a book called the Legend of Saint Nicholas. It is a great story and we all enjoyed reading it together.

At dinner one evening, the kids had been particularly ornery...Noah had been screaming for about an hour, no matter what I did, and Emma and Caleb have been bickering a little more than usual. I finally got Noah to bed (early) and returned to the table to finish dinner with the kids.
Emma: Mommy, I'm sorry.
Me: Sorry for what?
Emma: I'm sorry that I didn't do the right thing.
Me: It's okay honey, mommy doesn't always do the right thing either. Actually, none of us ALWAYS do the right thing.
Emma: I'm really glad that you could say that to me.

After church, the kids all run around together and play in front of the church. The kids were running around with Joe, who is about 2 1/2. I was concerned that they might be playing a little bit rough, or not being careful about knocking him down. I heard Caleb say to Joe, "Okay, now we are going to play the bad man game."
So, I called him over to me and reminded him that we were only going to play kind games, and that we would not be playing any bad man games with Joe.
He said to me, "Mom! I said "(phonetically) B-A-T, the batman game, the one with no bad guys."
Me: Oh, okay...=)
This is especially hilarious, because he says many things like that (sounding them out, phonetically by letter sound.) He was arguing with me last week as he signed a card that his name should be C-A-L-U-B not C-A-L-E-B because of how we pronounce his name. I told him I would be more careful to call him Ca-leb.

Nope. Still not walking. He has taken numerous steps, most often when he is not aware that he is doing it. Then, when he realizes he is walking, he gets down and crawls. But he is sweet. =)

Well, that's all for now...I haven't had a whole lot to say lately. Surprisingly!