Sunday, January 27, 2008

You have to watch this!!

Okay, it does last 20 minutes. But it is well worth it, please watch this video...I came to it from my friend Matt's blog...We have been using cloth inserts in Noah's G Diaper, and although it is a little more work, it is great to be doing something better for the world, better for our baby, and better for our budget. There are some days when it is more challenging than others. Anyway...Here is the story of stuff:


Christine H. said...

Yeah, I got it on Matt's blog, too, and it is well-worth watching!

rebecca said...

That's really sad. And guilt inducing. And evil. I wish we had something other than Walmart around here. Seriously, anything.

sarahgrace said...

Hello! I tagged you- come on over if you want to play along. : )