Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quick Catch Up

Well, we had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior, with our families, and the kids...It was great. I don't really know what else to say about it, except that it was great. We added to our Christmas collection this year, a book called the Legend of Saint Nicholas. It is a great story and we all enjoyed reading it together.

At dinner one evening, the kids had been particularly ornery...Noah had been screaming for about an hour, no matter what I did, and Emma and Caleb have been bickering a little more than usual. I finally got Noah to bed (early) and returned to the table to finish dinner with the kids.
Emma: Mommy, I'm sorry.
Me: Sorry for what?
Emma: I'm sorry that I didn't do the right thing.
Me: It's okay honey, mommy doesn't always do the right thing either. Actually, none of us ALWAYS do the right thing.
Emma: I'm really glad that you could say that to me.

After church, the kids all run around together and play in front of the church. The kids were running around with Joe, who is about 2 1/2. I was concerned that they might be playing a little bit rough, or not being careful about knocking him down. I heard Caleb say to Joe, "Okay, now we are going to play the bad man game."
So, I called him over to me and reminded him that we were only going to play kind games, and that we would not be playing any bad man games with Joe.
He said to me, "Mom! I said "(phonetically) B-A-T, the batman game, the one with no bad guys."
Me: Oh, okay...=)
This is especially hilarious, because he says many things like that (sounding them out, phonetically by letter sound.) He was arguing with me last week as he signed a card that his name should be C-A-L-U-B not C-A-L-E-B because of how we pronounce his name. I told him I would be more careful to call him Ca-leb.

Nope. Still not walking. He has taken numerous steps, most often when he is not aware that he is doing it. Then, when he realizes he is walking, he gets down and crawls. But he is sweet. =)

Well, that's all for now...I haven't had a whole lot to say lately. Surprisingly!


ATSmith said...

That's so funny about CALUB and "bad man." Makes me smile : )

sarahgrace said...

Oh yes...screaming and bickering kids...sounds familiar! Ha ha!

rebecca said...

That is so sweet! All of them. We've had a lot of Batman around here lately too, but somebody always has to be the Joker. Usually Daddy.