Saturday, February 19, 2011

A lesson on prayer....

Noah came in early one morning and was sad that he couldn't find his toy airplane. He said, "Mom, I want you to pray with me that God will help me find it." So, I did.
About ten minutes later he runs in, excited, "Mom!! I found the airplane!!" So we stopped to thank God for answering our prayers.

I think it was a couple of hours later, but sweet Noah came to find me and said, "Mom! We can't find Caleb's lego lightsaber. Will you pray with me that we find it?"

Friday, February 11, 2011

How To....

Make 11 Years Fly By!!!

1. Get married young.
2. Have some good, clean...weird, fun.
3. Have lots of beautiful, talented children REALLY close together.
4. Follow Jesus wherever He takes you!!!
(we moved 6 times in two years!!!) Sorry, I can't get pictures of all the places, we have a lot of pictures!!!
The Wabern house, and the little cabin...
Matilija St., with the awesome garden, and Descanso-where we have spent the last 3 and a half years....

To be continued....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Such an honor...

Tonight, we finished the biography of George Muller. It was so neat to finish, but both Ben and I had this bittersweet feeling... like we were really going to miss George. It has been such a privilege to take a look at this man's life, and how his willingness to obey God and trust Him for everything changed countless lives.

But, it also got me thinking about the last year, or two, or three, and what a privilege it has been to read such amazing stories as a family. These stories that we have read are a part of us, our family. Hopefully, they are shaping us together, and our character, and making us think more about our God and His beautiful story.

It has truly been an honor George Muller, to share your part in God's story. Oh Lord, may we be faithful with our part in Your beautiful story.

Up Next: Adara.... set in the time of Naaman and Elisha. Should be a great read!!