Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Being the Wife of a Movie Star

Okay, maybe movie star was a little strong. But, every year for camp, they put together a video for the kids....they show part of it every night, and it all comes together with the theme and the messages for the week. So, this is filming week, since camp starts in two more weeks.
Today Ben was "down the hill" shooting the video at various locations...a cemetary, the police station, the court you all wish you could see it!! Me too!!! But I will have to wait like the rest of the viewers.
Anyway, he came home for dinner time, but is back to filming...he says he won't be home until midnight, with another long day of filming tomorrow.
Well, it better be good!!! He, he. And, I know it's a little sad, but yes, it totally gives me butterflies in my stomach to think about seeing Ben on TV, even if it's just a camp video.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Okay, so what is chaos?
Chaos is 26 kids ages 3-6 running around with just me and one other person.
Now, it really is my fault because I usually tell Ben how much I want to be involved with the camp...but it just isn't usually possible with two little ones running around. Well, three weeks ago, they had "Helping Hands" weekend, where a bunch of families come up and do projects around the camp property to help get us ready for summer. Well, they needed help with childcare, so I figured, hey, that's something I can do!! That day, we had three camp staff, and one camper/helper and about 15 kids ages 3-6. That was a crazy day!! At the end of it I was exhausted!!
So this weekend, we had Family Camp. They were short on help for childcare again, so I thought I would help out Friday and Saturday. It was just me and one other helper, but the children's ministry director said there were 15 kids, so we should be able to make it through one measley chapel service??? Well, our count was a little off. They dismissed the kids from chapel and 24 kids came running at me, all looking to me for direction, while I am having trouble enough with my own two!!! Anyway, we made it through our time together, all in one piece, and everyone left with the parent who claimed them, so I am thinking it went okay. But I am so exhausted, I told Ben I should not spend my days "off" from watching Brooklyn by watching other kids.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tons of words

Caleb: "Mommy, I want water."
"Hi Gandma, I went in the water. Ba-bye."
"I want chocolate..."
He is so full of words!!! I am amazed how much my little man is talking.

I don't think there is much that Emma can't say. But some of her favorites (definitely not mine) are after I give her an instruction she responds with,
"I don't want to do that!"
"I don't like______, I want _______."
And, in my efforts to try and keep her from being so nosey...her favorite line when Caleb receives discipline,
"So, that's between mommy and Caleb?"

The Big, Small Things

It is so great to have friends and family.
Like, when your daughter needs new clothes for her birthday...It's the grandparents who remember that she probably needs new underwear as well.
And it's the grandparents who remember that she probably (as well as little brother) need new pajamas also.
And it's the grandparents who realize that with new twin size beds, they probably need bedding, at least until we parents can get it together and get everything.
And it is the grandparents who fall for Little Miss proclaiming her undying love for Dora sheets at Target. And buy them.
And it is best friends who remember things like extra big packs of hair-ties...because I certainly never think to buy them. And it is best friends who just can't resist buying little brother a present too, because he doesn't understand that it's not his birthday!!
Anyway, I know this is a little late...but thanks to all of you, family, friends, and everyone who made Emma's birthday so special. The most special part was getting to see everyone she loves so much, and looking forward to seeing those of you whom she didn't get to see this time, but will hopefully get to see soon. We love you all.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's a boy!!

Well, we are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming another young man into our family!! Our ultrasound yesterday showed pretty clearly that we will be having a boy!! Now, they are having me come back in two weeks to be sure, but it is pretty clear according to Ben!! So, with my brother Mark's permission (he shares the same middle name as my dad), we will probably be naming him Russell Arlen Hester. (Arlen being my dad and brother's middle name). Look out Emma, now Caleb has back up!!!

P.S. When we told Emma, she said, "Oh, I wanted the baby to be a girl!"
I told her, "Well, honey, God knows what is best for our family and He thinks it best that we have a boy."
To which she replied, "Oh, okay."


I remember going to Rose Boydston's birthday party in like, 6th grade. I accidentally knocked over a vase, and it broke. I was so mortified, and yet Anne was so kind and gracious.
I remember CABSAPFKIOV....? Did I get that right?? College Age Bible Study and Prayer...something in the Ojai Valley...Well, you who were there remember. The bible study at Aaron Boydston's where we all met and got to be friends. I remember that blonde guy who walked in late carrying a guitar that first time I went to the Bible study...oh, 10 years ago or so. Never in a million years would I have guessed then that he would become my husband.
I remember when Ben told us all about the Ham and Egg breakfast (dedicated vs. devoted). You know, the chicken was dedicated, he gave an egg, but the Pig, he was devoted, because he gave his life.
I remember when Aaron drove Paco (you know, that big 'ol car....) into my cute little Honda...and walked me up with a pillow in case I wanted to beat him with it. We hugged instead.
I remember crazy late night hikes up behind Aaron's house, not having a clue where we were, and Aaron always talking some sort of nonsense with words I wasn't sure I understood.
I remember Ben, Aaron, Nolan, and Nathan (and sometimes Todd) always being so goofy together....while Lisa, Becky, Rose, Melissa (Hahn), myself, and sometimes Heather Bennett watched on just laughing.
I remember Lisa's dungeon apartment in Ojai, which was the coolest place to hang out. I remember the day I tried to give Lisa a "makeover." Now I need one!!! I remember laying around on the futon bed at Lisa's with all the cats...I remember leaving Bible verses on the white board on Lisa's door when she wasn't home. I remember that Pontiac, the little green one, where we always seemed to end up going to Ventura late at night for no good reason.
I remember the first time Natalie told me she liked Aaron. We were in the hallway at Northridge, between classes, and she shyly whispered, "I like someone..." And when she told me it was Aaron, I remember thinking, "Wow, that actually makes sense. They DO go together..."
I remember how nervous I was to sing at their wedding. I thought I would pee my pants!! I remember Natalie calling me the morning of her wedding saying, "Can you come over and do my makeup??" I remember the scandal as Aaron and Natalie tried to hide from me the fact that Ben was going to propose that night or the next day, and they wanted to tell me so bad!!!
I remember right after Aaron and Natalie came back from their honeymoon, and a bunch of us were over, and Natalie scurried me into the bedroom to tell me she was pregnant!!!
I remember the boys playing video games while we tried to catch up, or maybe we were chasing after children already????
I remember how much I love you all...and am amazed that you were able to love me then, when I was so messed up...well, I probably still am, but in a bit more mature of a way.
I love you all...thank you for being my friends. We are all praying together for our friends, Aaron and Natalie.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

We Need Your Hope

Oh Lord, we do pray for Aaron and Natalie, that you would bring hope to them now, while Aaron is sick with leukemia. Bring hope to their babies, and to their whole family, reminding them that you are good and you are in control.

For anyone who knows Aaron and Natalie Boydston, please be praying for them and their family.

The Baby Burrito Song

So, I watch Brooklyn four days a week. So, the kids are pretty much used to having her around. When it's time for Brooklyn to have a nap, we lay her down and swaddle her in a blanket. Each time Emma says, "Oh, look, she's a baby burrito!!"
So, this last time she actually made up a baby burrito song to sing while I wrap Brooklyn up. Now, I could never replicate this'll just have to use your baby burrito imagination!

My Favorite

This morning when asked if Emma wanted to wear her striped shirt, or her new Dora shirt, she replied emphatically,
"Oh, the Dora shirt is my favorite!!"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Doctor's Visit

Okay, so I went to the doctor yesterday for my check-up, or the baby's check-up I should say. I am almost 18 weeks along (tomorrow) and so I was excited for getting to schedule an ultrasound. Now, I realize that I was utterly spoiled with Emma, because I had at least three ultrasounds, and with Caleb even more so because they had me do a 3-d ultrasound (they thought something was wrong, but there wasn't!). Anyway, this baby, I have not gotten to see even once yet, and by now, it's killing me!!! I have been babysitting a two month old, and if it's done anything, it's made me so absolutely excited to meet my little one.
Anyway, I got to the Doctor's office, waited twenty minutes in the waiting room, then twenty minutes in the exam room (luckily, I brought a book). Once I see the doctor, she measures my tummy, then listens for a heartbeat, and gives me a look. I don't know what the look means, because I have never seen this doctor before. But the look says that something is weird, or she's thinking I am the size of a house when I should only be a shed....I don't know. But then she asks, "Have you had an ultrasound yet?" And I say, "No, but I'd like to!!"
So, I get my paperwork and rush off to make my appointment.
Okay, now if I had never had two kids already I wouldn't know any different. I realize that. But, they tell me that for the first 20-30 minutes of the ultrasound, Ben (or anyone else) can't come in. Then, for the last 10 minutes he is allowed in the room. They don't allow video taping, and if I arrive 10 minutes late, then Ben doesn't get to come in at all. The only appointment they have is on a Saturday, when Ben is working and I am babysitting. But it's either then or in two months, so I take it.
I leave crying. I call Ben. I miss my OLD doctors!! I miss CMH, where I delivered both of my other babies! I miss Frank, our old ultrasound technician. I miss Ben coming to my doctor's appointments with me because we have a babysitter. And then Ben gives me what I am lacking at that moment...HOPE!!!
He reminds me that the Tyler Mall in Riverside has an ultrasound place. So we make an appointment for this coming Monday (YEAH!!!) and they will let Ben in the room. Hey, they'll even let the kids come too if we can't find a babysitter.
So I relax, I calm myself. I eat lunch. I feel much better.

P.S. So far, my total weight gain= 2.5 pounds. Now trust me, it will all come. And it will come quickly. But it definitely looks like more...


Well, it seems as if they just grow up overnight...
Yesterday I was gone for a few hours at my doctor's appointment. I came home to a rather mischievious Caleb...
He seemed to be in a good mood, so I said, "Are you my baby?"
He answered emphatically, "NO!"
"Are you my big boy?"
Again, he answers, "NO!"
So then I ask, "What are you?"
He simply replies, "Ca-bub."
I am immediatly close to tears, because he has never said his own name before. So I guess I should be happy to know that he's not even two, and yet, he already has a sense of who he is.

Shopping for The Party

So, Emma and I are at Stater Brothers getting all the necessary supplies for her (then) upcoming birthday party. She is holding two cake mixes, two tubs of frosting, two boxes of pudding, and two packages of Princess napkins. She looks at me with wide eyes and says, "Oh Mommy, this will be the best party EVER!"

Simple pleasures.