Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Big, Small Things

It is so great to have friends and family.
Like, when your daughter needs new clothes for her birthday...It's the grandparents who remember that she probably needs new underwear as well.
And it's the grandparents who remember that she probably (as well as little brother) need new pajamas also.
And it's the grandparents who realize that with new twin size beds, they probably need bedding, at least until we parents can get it together and get everything.
And it is the grandparents who fall for Little Miss proclaiming her undying love for Dora sheets at Target. And buy them.
And it is best friends who remember things like extra big packs of hair-ties...because I certainly never think to buy them. And it is best friends who just can't resist buying little brother a present too, because he doesn't understand that it's not his birthday!!
Anyway, I know this is a little late...but thanks to all of you, family, friends, and everyone who made Emma's birthday so special. The most special part was getting to see everyone she loves so much, and looking forward to seeing those of you whom she didn't get to see this time, but will hopefully get to see soon. We love you all.


lnstryker said...

When was her birthday? How come I didn't get to come? Love you!

hestermom said...

Uh...May 6th. Oh, so you obviously didn't get one of the invitations that I didn't send out....??? Sorry, I was really lame, I e-mailed and really only grandparents and my brother and his wife came. But you would have been welcome!!!

lnstryker said...

thats ok, no hard feelings :-)