Sunday, May 28, 2006


Okay, so what is chaos?
Chaos is 26 kids ages 3-6 running around with just me and one other person.
Now, it really is my fault because I usually tell Ben how much I want to be involved with the camp...but it just isn't usually possible with two little ones running around. Well, three weeks ago, they had "Helping Hands" weekend, where a bunch of families come up and do projects around the camp property to help get us ready for summer. Well, they needed help with childcare, so I figured, hey, that's something I can do!! That day, we had three camp staff, and one camper/helper and about 15 kids ages 3-6. That was a crazy day!! At the end of it I was exhausted!!
So this weekend, we had Family Camp. They were short on help for childcare again, so I thought I would help out Friday and Saturday. It was just me and one other helper, but the children's ministry director said there were 15 kids, so we should be able to make it through one measley chapel service??? Well, our count was a little off. They dismissed the kids from chapel and 24 kids came running at me, all looking to me for direction, while I am having trouble enough with my own two!!! Anyway, we made it through our time together, all in one piece, and everyone left with the parent who claimed them, so I am thinking it went okay. But I am so exhausted, I told Ben I should not spend my days "off" from watching Brooklyn by watching other kids.

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Rebecca said...

Dang, girl. I don't think I would emerge with any sanity intact after that. I have enough trouble with the seven preschoolers on Sundays.