Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I remember going to Rose Boydston's birthday party in like, 6th grade. I accidentally knocked over a vase, and it broke. I was so mortified, and yet Anne was so kind and gracious.
I remember CABSAPFKIOV....? Did I get that right?? College Age Bible Study and Prayer...something in the Ojai Valley...Well, you who were there remember. The bible study at Aaron Boydston's where we all met and got to be friends. I remember that blonde guy who walked in late carrying a guitar that first time I went to the Bible study...oh, 10 years ago or so. Never in a million years would I have guessed then that he would become my husband.
I remember when Ben told us all about the Ham and Egg breakfast (dedicated vs. devoted). You know, the chicken was dedicated, he gave an egg, but the Pig, he was devoted, because he gave his life.
I remember when Aaron drove Paco (you know, that big 'ol car....) into my cute little Honda...and walked me up with a pillow in case I wanted to beat him with it. We hugged instead.
I remember crazy late night hikes up behind Aaron's house, not having a clue where we were, and Aaron always talking some sort of nonsense with words I wasn't sure I understood.
I remember Ben, Aaron, Nolan, and Nathan (and sometimes Todd) always being so goofy together....while Lisa, Becky, Rose, Melissa (Hahn), myself, and sometimes Heather Bennett watched on just laughing.
I remember Lisa's dungeon apartment in Ojai, which was the coolest place to hang out. I remember the day I tried to give Lisa a "makeover." Now I need one!!! I remember laying around on the futon bed at Lisa's with all the cats...I remember leaving Bible verses on the white board on Lisa's door when she wasn't home. I remember that Pontiac, the little green one, where we always seemed to end up going to Ventura late at night for no good reason.
I remember the first time Natalie told me she liked Aaron. We were in the hallway at Northridge, between classes, and she shyly whispered, "I like someone..." And when she told me it was Aaron, I remember thinking, "Wow, that actually makes sense. They DO go together..."
I remember how nervous I was to sing at their wedding. I thought I would pee my pants!! I remember Natalie calling me the morning of her wedding saying, "Can you come over and do my makeup??" I remember the scandal as Aaron and Natalie tried to hide from me the fact that Ben was going to propose that night or the next day, and they wanted to tell me so bad!!!
I remember right after Aaron and Natalie came back from their honeymoon, and a bunch of us were over, and Natalie scurried me into the bedroom to tell me she was pregnant!!!
I remember the boys playing video games while we tried to catch up, or maybe we were chasing after children already????
I remember how much I love you all...and am amazed that you were able to love me then, when I was so messed up...well, I probably still am, but in a bit more mature of a way.
I love you all...thank you for being my friends. We are all praying together for our friends, Aaron and Natalie.


Anonymous said...

I remember a special Bible study led by you and taking place at my house. Only 3 (sometimes 4) people were ever there, and those three became fast friends. Lisa, Michelle, and Heather. Our lives have changed a lot since then, but that is a very special memory I have. You have a lot of really cool memories with a lot of cool people. God has blessed us with good friends. I count you as one of mine.

Rebecca said...

I've been thinking about those times a lot lately too. I forgot about Cabsafgiov, or however we spelled it. :)

hestermom said...

Becky...Yes, and do you remember all the colors of the rainbow, and all the edges of scissors that our hair saw???? We can only hope your girls find better things to do in their free time!!

Rebecca said...

Yeah. I'm sure they'll find they're own brand of pandemonium. As long as it doesn't maim anything more than their hair, I'm okay with it. :)