Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Doctor's Visit

Okay, so I went to the doctor yesterday for my check-up, or the baby's check-up I should say. I am almost 18 weeks along (tomorrow) and so I was excited for getting to schedule an ultrasound. Now, I realize that I was utterly spoiled with Emma, because I had at least three ultrasounds, and with Caleb even more so because they had me do a 3-d ultrasound (they thought something was wrong, but there wasn't!). Anyway, this baby, I have not gotten to see even once yet, and by now, it's killing me!!! I have been babysitting a two month old, and if it's done anything, it's made me so absolutely excited to meet my little one.
Anyway, I got to the Doctor's office, waited twenty minutes in the waiting room, then twenty minutes in the exam room (luckily, I brought a book). Once I see the doctor, she measures my tummy, then listens for a heartbeat, and gives me a look. I don't know what the look means, because I have never seen this doctor before. But the look says that something is weird, or she's thinking I am the size of a house when I should only be a shed....I don't know. But then she asks, "Have you had an ultrasound yet?" And I say, "No, but I'd like to!!"
So, I get my paperwork and rush off to make my appointment.
Okay, now if I had never had two kids already I wouldn't know any different. I realize that. But, they tell me that for the first 20-30 minutes of the ultrasound, Ben (or anyone else) can't come in. Then, for the last 10 minutes he is allowed in the room. They don't allow video taping, and if I arrive 10 minutes late, then Ben doesn't get to come in at all. The only appointment they have is on a Saturday, when Ben is working and I am babysitting. But it's either then or in two months, so I take it.
I leave crying. I call Ben. I miss my OLD doctors!! I miss CMH, where I delivered both of my other babies! I miss Frank, our old ultrasound technician. I miss Ben coming to my doctor's appointments with me because we have a babysitter. And then Ben gives me what I am lacking at that moment...HOPE!!!
He reminds me that the Tyler Mall in Riverside has an ultrasound place. So we make an appointment for this coming Monday (YEAH!!!) and they will let Ben in the room. Hey, they'll even let the kids come too if we can't find a babysitter.
So I relax, I calm myself. I eat lunch. I feel much better.

P.S. So far, my total weight gain= 2.5 pounds. Now trust me, it will all come. And it will come quickly. But it definitely looks like more...


Rebecca said...

How sad! What is it with mountain doctors? I had no idea you could get ultrasounds at Tyler Mall. Do they charge a lot?

hestermom said...

No, only $30 if you go Monday through Friday. And they're really nice!! I am so glad that do it because otherwise I would probably still be crying about it!!! Hormones....