Sunday, February 10, 2008

I got tagged...

Six Random Things About Me:
The rules are: 1) link the person who tagged you (SarahGrace) 2) post the rules on your blog 3) Share six non-important things, etc 4) tag six random people 5) let each random person know they have been tagged...

So here goes:
1. I have not really had time to blog lately. What is the world coming to??

2. I am terrible, really lousy, at being sick. I was reminded of this by a recent flu episode. I either just continue on as if I am not sick, or I am completely bed ridden. Or both.

3. I require things of myself that I would NEVER require of someone else. And probably drive myself crazy because of it. =)

4. I cried watching Pollyanna yesterday.

5. I make up songs often, when I am changing Noah, or we're in the bathtub, or cleaning up.

6. It seems that every time I go out to eat, which is NOT that often, I order a salad. Some kind of salad. But that is what really, really makes me a great salad. (This past time, I was at a Conference for Homeschooling Mom's...more to come on that, and we went to Mimi's cafe, and I had a salad with candied pecans, apples, blue cheese in a vinaigrette. So good)

I am pretty sure that everyone I know has already been tagged???? How about if everyone who reads this, just responds with five things about them in the comments...wouldn't that be fun??


Tonya said...

I can't write six things as I have a baby on my lap so just wanted to say I love Pollyanna and I loath being sick and I'm terrible at it too.

ATSmith said...

I love salads. But I love "meaty" salads ... lots of fixins and good dressings. I am no good at being sick -- confirmed -- AGAIN -- by me being sick last week and the house falling to pieces! Poor Ryan!