Monday, February 11, 2008

8 Years...

Today is our 8 year anniversary...Ben is at work, and I am here thinking of some very happy memories of our eight years being married. Here are some for you:
1. Right after getting married, we lived in an apartment in Ventura. It was great!
2. I was working full time, and in the last semester of college at night. I had lost my motivation for attending classes at times, so Ben would drive me down, and either wait for me in the library, or come to class with me. Then, we would go to Applebee's for a Fudge Nut Fantasy dessert (they don't make it anymore).
3. We cried and prayed together about whether or not I should quit my job at the Continentals. I did quit. Then I went back to working at the Bryant St. Gym in Ojai, where I worked a total of five or so years.
4. We spend a lot of time trying to find a church when we lived in Ventura, and were never really successful.
5. We decided at some point that it would be really smart of us to save everything I made at work, so that we had practice living on one income. After we had Emma, all that money we saved up was gone. =)
6. We did get to take a trip to Tahiti before having any of the kids. It was so fun...we tried new food, snorkeled every day, and pet sting rays.
7. On our first anniversary, I made a treasure hunt for Ben, and he had to follow all the clues I made for him.
8. For our five year anniversary we went to Pismo...Ben got me a ring, and I got him a wetsuit.
9. Last year we took Noah with us and ate at Joe's Crab shack in Ventura. We both got sick.
10. This year, for this anniversary, I am more amazed, more in love, and more excited about my husband than ever. When I was sick this past week, he took all THREE kids to Trader Joe's with NO GROCERY LIST, or help as far as what to get for dinners. He came home and filled our cupboards with food, and even took an extra day off before going back to work, just to make sure I would be feeling better. Over these years he has worked so very hard to support us and provide for us, and most of the time he has worked two jobs. He left the job that he loved in the mountains, because it was not the best for our family. He has loved us well and I am blessed. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow, for this marvelous gift, this man whom I am privileged to call my husband.


Tonya said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband! We just celebrated our 8 years in December. Great memories you have!!!

sarahgrace said...

Happy 8 years! My hubby and I will be celebrating 8 years in March!
Loved your sweet list! (and sooo wish I lived in Ventura sometimes...)