Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big News!!

Well, I am already pregnant, so it couldn't be that!!
One of my older brothers, Mark, came to visit this weekend from San Diego.  He brought his girlfriend, Nancy for the first time, so we were all anxious to meet her.  Then, at dinner at our house, he just springs it on me:  They're getting married!!  In August!!  
We are all so excited for them both, they are so happy, and he should have known better than to spring this big of news on me because I couldn't stop crying!!  I am just so happy for them and excited for them, and I am a big sucker for romance.  
August 8th, 2008...get it!  8-8-08!  Yeah!!


Christine H. said...

Congrats! Well, you know that it THE DATE to get married this year. You are the third person to announce a wedding on that date. It's a good thing I don't know your brother because I have two more weddings that day. And it's a good thing one of the two weddings is in New York because now my choice has been narrowed down to one wedding. However, the summer isn't over with. Who knows if someone else we know will announce a wedding on 8-8-08. How trendy! I think I'd rather have my wedding date not shared by thousands of other couples. Again, Congrats!

Tonya said...

Everyone wants that date! My cousin is having a scheduled c-section that day because the baby will be the 8th in the family so 8/8/08 just made sense :) Congrats to your brother and I really like the bookcase!

Rebecca said...

Go, Mark!! It had to happen sometime. :)