Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Out of the Habit...

Once it has been a while without blogging, it's easy to get out of the habit. It seems like there's been so much going on, I just haven't had the time to blog.

We went on a quick trip to visit the mountains last week, and to check on the little cabin we own up there. We hadn't seen the house since Noah was born (18 mos.) so we weren't sure what to expect. Anyway, our renters are doing such a good job taking care of the place, they had even done the tree trimming!

Our realtor let us stay in a cabin she has up there, which was wonderful, and they even had us over for dinner. We got to see some good friends, and catch up a little. We even got to visit the camp where Ben used to work.

This is the kids, looking at the ducks at Lake Arrowhead.

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