Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pee-wee Soccer and other stuff

So, this Thursday Miss Emma starts pee-wee soccer. Now Ben played soccer in high school, and yes, even I have some dusty old soccer team picture burried away from my elementary years, but let me just say...There is not much cuter than a tiny girl burried beneath pink shin guards practicing her "super soccer kick." The shin guards are of course pink, because as Emma says, "Pink is for girls, so I have to have pink ones."

Caleb loves to copy EVERYTHING big sister I often get to hear everything two times. This morning, since Grandpa brings home donuts on Sunday mornings, Emma announced (and Caleb repeated) that "Grandpa brings home all the GOOD stuff."

And of course, in response to my mom's cut on her finger, Emma told her, "Well, you have to be VERY careful. My mommy is always careful."

And Miss Nikki in the nursery at church informed me that after several drinks of pretend hot tea, Emma told her, "Oh, whatever, I'm sure it's okay to drink by now!"

And at the gymnastics class we went to on Thursday, Caleb was practically running across the balance beam, with my finger of course. He even did a summersault on the beam with mommy's help. Emma walked across the beam by herself and did "flips" around the bar. They had a great time...I was busy trying to run in two different directions and didn't see or talk to anyone who I had planned to see and talk to. But I left with happy children. Then at Wendy's (fast food), my worn out little boy threw such a tantrum that he fell asleep on the floor. Wendy's must have been good, because as we passed the one in Ojai Emma said excitedly, "There's Amy's!!"

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