Thursday, May 05, 2011

To my Emma...

Dear Emma,
Tomorrow, you will be eight years old. You have grown up so quickly. I love watching you practice your ballet; it seems that you are your happiest when you are dancing and swaying. There are so many things that my heart wants to say to you. I love you so much. I fear that as our oldest, you have borne the brunt of all our parenting mistakes!! You have borne them well. You have such a sweet, and tender heart. You love to help and to teach. You wanted (and still want!!) a little sister so badly, and yet you love Judah so much... Just this morning, you were agreeing with me, that Judah is a necessary part of our family.
I love you so much. I remember the days, when it was just you and I... and although that time was not long, we laughed and danced and had lots of fun. You have grown into such a "girly" girl. You love painting your nails, curling your hair, playing with make-up, and dressing in your fanciest clothes.
Oh Emma... I wish I could open my heart and show you everything there. Words fail me in this season of little sleep. But for now, it is enough to say with all of my heart that I love you. You have changed me, or rather, Jesus has changed me by allowing me to be your mom. You amaze me. You teach me more about Jesus and His love everyday. My heart's prayer for you is that you would love Jesus more than anything. And that as you love Him more, you would trust Him as your Good Shepherd, and that you would dance your way through this life more gracefully and sweetly than I have. I pray that you would learn to dance with your Heavenly Father, who has orchestrated a beautiful dance for you.... You can trust Him to be Good, and Faithful and True.
I love you Emma.
Happy Birthday.

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