Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Today, I asked the kids to write stories for Grandpa for his birthday:
(I have tried to keep it like they wrote it, so there are misspelled words, and some other mistakes. I did include periods even if they were missing for readability. )

Emma, age 7 (for 2 more days):
Once Apon a time there was a ten year old girl named Jenny and she loved playing with five year old Sally. So she asked to babysit Sally but her mom and dad said she was to young. Jenny was sad but her mom said she could go to her Aunt's house. Then Jenny had an idea. Mom she said could I babysit Sally with Aunt Kate? Of course dear go get Sally and I'll drive you to Aunt Kate's.
The End

Caleb, age 6
Sarah was going to the fair with her doll Peg, her friend Joe and his dogs, Jim and James. When they got to the fair Sarah, Joe, Jim and James and Peg went to the roller coster but then Peg fell out. the roller coster stopped and they started looking for Peg. First they looked for her in the Haunted house. Then they looked for her in the video arcade. Then they looked in the minature golf. Then they looked in the pony ride and she wasn't there. They almost gave up when a clown walked up to them. He was holding Peg! Is this yours he said. Yes! said Sarah. Thank you!
The End

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