Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Bibles....

I know, it's lame. Here in America, we have ridiculous access to God's Word. But, there is something just so cool about getting a new Bible. Awhile back, Ben had gotten Emma and Caleb these little backpack Bibles, which they use for schoolwork, etc. NIV. Anyhow, Emma lost hers-we aren't sure if she left it at church or what. Anyhow, I went to get her a new one for her birthday, and couldn't find what I was looking for. As I was leaving, I remembered that Family Christian Stores was having a member special, a little ESV Bible for $5!! (This is Daddy's preferred translation). They had a beautiful cranberry-like color too!! So, I grabbed it and then remembered that I have been looking for a new Bible for myself for some time. I love my big 'ol honking NKJV Bible, but being a study Bible, the thing is huge. Lugging the diaper bag, the car seat with Judah, and my purse just doesn't lend itself to carrying around the big Bible, especially since I already have back trouble!!!
SO.... (to make a short story long!!!) I grabbed another of the little ESV Bibles, this one in black, and thought, as long as I can read the print, it will be perfect to put in the diaper bag!! Yay!!! But, on my way home, I got to thinking that when we do our morning Bible readings, Caleb reads half the chapter, and Emma reads the other. They follow along. And now, they would be reading from different translations. So, I decided to go ahead and give the little black ESV to Caleb so they could be reading the same version. But of course, then Noah wanted a new Bible. Caleb decided he would give his NIV backpack Bible to Noah. So he and Emma "surprised" Noah with it. And so, the sweetest thing last night was seeing the three bigger kids sprawled out in various places in the living room, all reading their new Bibles. (Sorry for the video quality, if it even works!! This is Noah reading Psalm 20:7)

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