Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time Flies...

I know, I have already been terrible about posting pics of the little man. It's easier to post on Facebook from my iPhone, but I can't post those to my blog. So it takes me awhile. I usually don't have much time to get on the computer. So, real quick here are some pictures, I can't believe Judah is almost a month old. Time is flying by... but slowly, we are finding our way into a new routine.
He loves morning time...
Am I boring him, or is he just tired?
I never get tired of looking at him.
Baby burrito!!
Noah is so excited about his new math book! I finally ordered it for him, after him telling me for quite some time now that he is "ready for math." He will probably have a change of heart soon, but for now he is very excited about it. He is starting with Saxon 1.
The boys reading together. Noah has an easy reader book that I got him. It's a big, huge Disney book, and I don't actually consider it "easy" reading because it is mostly words that don't follow the phonetic rules. Anyhow, I heard Noah tell Ezra, "Just a minute and I will read it to you." Noah was supposed to be reading through a word list of short "i" words, and I heard him reading the Disney book to Ezra. I started to scold him for not doing his work, and then realized, "DUH!!"... this was even better. =)

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Tonya said...

so cute! I am really excited about my homeschooling adventure next year with my youngest!