Sunday, July 26, 2015

6 Months....

Elijah Seth,
     It is so hard to believe that 6 months have gone by since you came and turned our world upside down.  From the moment you arrived, you have been SO loved.  I don't think any of the kids can resist saying your name, stopping to talk to you, or calling you by one of your many nicknames every time they pass by you.  Even Evelyn was saying in the car "I love you, Lijah."
     Elijah is a big name.  The Old Testament prophet was known as a "seer", or one who could *see* into the things of heaven. He was a bold and lion-hearted man who knew what it was to stand alone with hundreds against him. He knew the highs of victory and the lows of fear and discouragement.  But more than any of that....he knew the faithful provision of a great and mighty God.  And this is what we pray for you.
     In 6 months, you have caused us to see, I mean REALLY see, beyond the veil that Christ tore in two by his death on the cross. You have reminded us, boldly, that there is a brighter and more beautiful land where death, and sorrow, and cancer don't have the last word.  
     You have been the link to join us to so many, who never would have given a second thought about a crazy huge family in California.  But cancer does that.  It is a tidal wave of destruction, taking eyes, hearts, and lives in its wake.  It is also a link...a unifier...a leveler of fields, so to speak.  Rarely is there a person who has not been touched in some way by this destroyer.  Your cancer reminds us of the Great Cancer, sin. It seems harmless at times, but unleashes a destructive power carrying on for generations.  But it doesn't have the last word.  
     You remind us, with every smile, every giggle, every twinkle of your remaining eye...that we have a RESCUER.  And not a far-off, distant, floating in the sky kind of rescuer.  We have an ADVOCATE.  That word never meant to me what it does now. After countless phone calls, endless paper work, and attempting to coordinate multiple doctors on different sides of the is so clear to me that I need an advocate-someone who will move heaven and earth on my behalf and communicate truth and see what I don't see.  And I have one. THE ONE.
     And so, Elijah....appointed by God, (as your name means) 6 months you have already known more of fear than I would have wanted for you.  But you have also known such victory, such hope, such LOVE.  I have seen your story inspire courage, bravery, compassion and kindness.  I hope it is because behind all these fragile jars of clay is a power that is all-surpassing.  I will tell you honestly that I don't always feel it.  Sometimes I find myself discouraged and lonely and depressed, like the prophet Elijah before you.  But that's what made His story truly great. His story was of the all-surpassing One.  God SAW Him.  God even sent ravens to feed Elijah in the moments of sadness.  And so Elijah....we have prayed over you, that where your sight has been taken from you by this destroyer called Cancer, it would be restored 100 fold with spiritual sight and the ability to see into the things of heaven.  That we, as a family, would begin to really live by the principle that there is always more going on than what we can see in the natural, physical world.
     But even more than that, we pray that you would always be aware of the God who SEES you. Whether in your moments of victory or discouragement, He sees you.  He knows you. He loves you.  His plans for you in 6 months of life have blown me away.  And they aren't finished!!  We are so thankful for every second with you.  May you stand faithfully with the God who sees you, upheld by His provision.
Happy 6 months, my amazing boy. (Who wears 12-18 months, and tried rice cereal for the first time last night.)

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mammapanzer said...

Oh my goodness he is so chubby and beautiful! You will have to give him zerbets for me on the tummy...and under the chin....and nibble those thighs!