Thursday, July 09, 2015

These two...

Ah! Taller than my bookcase!!!
Teacher Caleb

Today was a harder know, you just wake up more tired and weary and worn. 
Both Emma and Caleb are just amazing people, so today I have to brag on them just a minute.
They started a habit of "teaching" the younger kids while we were gone. Emma decides on a topic, Caleb handles teaching, and then Emma comes up with an activity or snack that goes along with it.
This past week they learned about coordinate planes (AKA Cartesian coordinates), and they made a human coordinate plane, along with tests and everything!
I am literally amazed by these two. All of them, really! They are having fun learning, and I'm super blessed and encouraged on a day where I needed it.
Today, there are tackling Geography, including magma and the earth's crust/core etc.
Emma's special snack included yogurt, granola, and crushed graham cracker.

The boys have requested a second teaching time for this afternoon on mechanics-including gears, pulleys, and levers. Evidently I'm in charge of the activity so I better get to work!

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