Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Full Circle....

There are two areas where they do imaging at CHLA. The first area is usually for inpatient MRI-that was where Elijah was diagnosed. I remember sitting in that area outside the MRI, as the doctor came out and told us it was cancer.

For Elijah's follow-up MRI, we are usually at the other end of the hospital at Radiology.  For some reason, today was different.

Today, we walked the halls back to the inpatient MRI room.  I changed Elijah into his gown and held him down while he screamed as they got his IV in and took blood for the oncologist.  We were in the same small area where we were that day, almost exactly a year ago.  

I walked him back and as the medicine took effect, he finally gave in to the sleep. I laid him down, and gave him a kiss.

And now, I wait.
This picture is before the IV. ;-)

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