Thursday, March 24, 2016

2 updates!!!

1.  We finally got insurance approval to cover Elijah's chemo procedure from last July!!!!  For some reason, they decided to cut the check to Ben instead of to the hospital... But we got it sent off to New York and we are so thankful to have that weight off of our shoulders.  ESPECIALLY since there is a possibility that he will need the chemo procedure again.

2.  I got some good sleep last night!!! I decided last night to try one of those airplane pillows that go around your neck.  At least between 11:30pm and 4:3am I know I was out pretty hard.
I'm so thankful for some rest, and I appreciate all the prayers!!!!  As a sweet mentor of mine has said, "Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap."--Sally Clarkson.

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