Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Elijah's Exam

Elijah had his exam this morning and there were no new tumors!
There was, however, still some "meat" to the tumor that is in his central field of vision.  They treated it with laser today, and thought they might possibly use the green dye. They did not end up needing to use the dye.
We will return in 4 weeks, at which time we will look at options depending on how this tumor responds to the laser treatment done today.  We may reconsider more intra-arterial chemo, or treat again with laser.
The big concern is not the size of the tumor, but it's location.  It is a "tug of war", trying to balance treatment of the cancer with saving his vision. We "aren't losing the battle", but we aren't really winning either.  We could cure him right at this time, but it would be at the expense of his vision. So instead, we will continue to tug, and fight to maintain vision! :-)

We also have an appointment with the genetics department this afternoon so that Ben and I can do our genetic testing to look for the mutation that Elijah has.

Thank you all for praying!


Erin Sparks said...

Lisa and Family-
I have never stopped thinking about you! I can't believe I found you here and all that you are going through. I send all my love and hope and mommy strength, cause it's one of the strongest kinds!;) I'm here if you want to reach out...

Erin Sparks(Brown) said...

Hi again! I know you are super busy and there are only so many hours in a day and it may be that it's just not the right time or the right thing to reconnect. If that's the case, just know my heart is with you and your family and all that that means when raising a large family while constantly learning along the way. Bless you both and I pray you never seek for that which you already have within each other and have always had. My phone number is 719-235-8966. Feel free to call or text. With lots of love.. Erin Sparks (Brown)