Monday, March 28, 2016

Bumps in the road....

Well! We were still working out details of childcare until yesterday evening, but by God's grace, we *think* it is figured out. Ben, Elijah, and I left early this morning to head for the airport.  We got out to wait for the shuttle just after the rain slowed down.  The shuttle had to go past our terminal because of construction. I was dreading the long lines, only to find that we walked right up to the counter.  We got through security, got to our terminal, and were *shocked* to find that we were sharing our flight with friends who love Jesus and are living life in surrender to Him.  It was such a fun encouragement, especially since we have NEVER had a flight via Nashville.

We changed planes and the second flight was a little better for Elijah, but I found myself more sick than I have ever been on a flight-just due to motion sickness.  Probably not eating much all day did not help the situation.  The cab ride also did not agree with me, and I looked over at Ben, who by this time, was also feeling pretty queezy.  We did, however, make it to the RMH, and then headed out to get some food.
Elijah is so smart-he was trying to put the straw into his water cup.
The sky was beautiful and mysterious with light colored clouds floating against the dark sky.
We found out that Judah is sick at home, and so our hearts are torn.
As I got to the room, feeling so sick from the plane ride, and feeling horrible for Judah (and my mom who is caring for him), I told Ben, "It's times like these when I wonder why we are even doing all this!!!!"
And Ben-even though he understands how I was feeling in the moment sweetly reminded me: "It's all worth it."
Yes. There are twists and turns and bumps in the road, but it's all worth it.

Early tomorrow morning we will be at the hospital for Elijah's exam under anesthesia.

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