Monday, July 17, 2006

Swimming Lessons

Today was our first day of swimming lessons for the kids. Now last year, the kids went to the lifeguard training as guinea pigs, so to speak, as they were training all the lifeguards on how to teach swim lessons. They both clung to me for dear life...we had only been in Crestline a week, they didn't know anyone, and they had just left the only home they'd ever known. Ben was so busy, there was no way I could take two little kids to swim lessons all by myself. So, we skipped them.
What a difference a year makes!!! Now the kids are so much more familiar with the camp and the of course, while a few of the other kids were screaming the whole time, mine were happily swimming and I was just praising the Lord that they were enjoying themselves. Not only was Caleb jumping off the side of the pool and diving for rings (with daddy's help), but both Emma and Caleb were blowing bubbles, floating, and practicing "big kicks." It was great. And, it totally wore them out so they had pretty good naps and are in bed (7:40pm).
Swim lessons are a great idea!!

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