Monday, July 03, 2006

Caleb turns two!

After a week of declaring, "I having birthday party!!" Caleb has finally achieved the age of two. We had a nice little family gathering at Soule Park, and although it was quite a warm day in Ojai, it was pleasant and Caleb felt loved. We enjoyed pizza and cupcakes (which Caleb also refers to as "birthday party").
We all ended up coming back to Crestline, a little earlier than we had planned, but the thought of possibly catching a glimpse of Ben here and there was just too tempting. So, this morning we tried to let Daddy sleep in while we ate breakfast, and rode scooters on the deck (well, I supervised.) Then once Daddy was up we enjoyed playing with new toys that Caleb got for his birthday. Then we sent Ben off to work and tried to settle back into life as we know it in Crestline. It's just nice to be a family again...even if we don't see as much of Ben as we'd like.


Rebecca said...

Hey you! We missed you guys tonight. But I understand wanting to get back to normal. I missed some freakin cool stuff last Sunday in Westwood, but there was no way I was driving back so close on the heels of VBS. Oh well. I need to tell you all the weird awesome stuff that's happening there right now. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

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