Thursday, July 20, 2006

Homeowner's Insurance

Okay, buying a house is a lot more complicated than I previously thought. But, the only way you really learn all of this is by doing it, I guess. So, while we are still working through all of this "stuff" with the loan, etc...we are simultaneously trying to figure out a homeowner's insurance policy. So, our car insurance is with AAA, so I thought I would start there.
They ask me what year was our house built: 1932
Has the plumbing been redone: (uh, I'm not sure..., maybe) yes!
Has the electrical been rewired: (uh, I'm not sure..., maybe) yes!
Has it been retro-fitted for earthquakes: Huh? No.
Sorry, we can't insure your home.

Okay, so, now we only call insurance companies up on the mountain, because they are the only ones who will insure mountain homes. Lesson learned. The quotes range from $600 to $1700 for the year...some with requirements (like installing some sort of gas shut-off emergency valve, etc.)
Anyway, I'm sure we will figure it out, but it is just one of the many new territories we have ventured into lately.
Isn't it amazing that anytime you purchase something nowadays, you have to buy insurance for it???


Rebecca said...

Wow, that's a lot to think about. I don't think I could handle that many decisions at once. Maybe when the kids are older. Yikes! We'll be praying with you.

Rebecca said...

It looks SO beautiful. Especially your front door and your yard! Are you going to put a plastic tub in the shower for the kids, or just shower them? And how soon will you start adding on?