Sunday, July 02, 2006

More Garage Sales, and oh yes, the ache in my heart

Okay, so Saturday was Caleb's second birthday!! Yeah!! He has been stealing Emma's scooter (the pink one from the garage sale last weekend) and riding it. Then they fight over it, I regulate taking turns, etc. Well, the Lord was with us! Despite a busy morning trying to organize the most unorganized birthday party...we decided to go garage sale hunting again. We scored!! I found two more of the toddler scooters (the ones with two wheels in back) only $2.00 a piece. Also, I got a "big wheel" tricycle for $2.00. Too bad they are all pink...but Caleb doesn't seem to mind, he's just enjoying being able to ride his own scooter. Ben says he will have to spray paint it, and then paint a skull and crossbones or something over the pretty white basket attached to the front of it.

Ben came from Crestline, and made it to the birthday party at about 3:40pm. The minute I saw him, I was already crying. I miss him so much...and I've never really missed anyone before, at least not like that. Anyway, so when 2pm rolled around today (Sunday) and it was time for him to head back to Crestline for work, it was no shocker that I was an emotional basket case. But, we made it through, he's on his way home, and I will see him again soon...I will just have to keep myself distracted until I can see him again. I'm sure my hormones, and the fact that we really hadn't seen him at all for the two weeks before we left are all adding to the mix. And he's never really seen me miss him this much before, so he says it feels good...just not when I cry.


Shirley Pressey said...

Amen, Amen, and again, AMEN!!! Jim and Aubree-Joy have been gone to Mississippi for three weeks tomorrow, and it is getting OLD! not having them here. I thought it would be a bit of a vacation from those two "mess makers" but how contraire! I even miss picking up the piles of mail that get opened, every paper pulled out of each envelope in disarray, and then left until I pick it up! SICK! I just pray and pray that the house will sell soon, and we can all be reunited as a family in Mississippi, and get on with our lives. Sorry for using this to vent. WOW, I do feel a little better! Love you!

hestermom said...

Oh Shirley...isn't it sad how we often don't know how wonderful those messes and other "quirks" are until we are without them for a time!! I feel so much for you, being away from Jim and Aubree...we are praying that your house will sell soon. And I'm sure you'll miss Ojai, as I do terribly, but not as much as I miss not being a family. Even when Ben's gone all the time. =) Love you bunches too!

Anonymous said...

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