Monday, June 19, 2006

The yuckies come to the Hester house

Well, Thursday night we had planned to go to Costco...we needed to purchase a bunch of stuff, especially since I was cooking dinner Saturday night for 24+ people. Interestingly enough, Emma didn't eat any of her dinner. This is not normal. She said her stomach hurt, which she frequently says before needing to use the restroom. We get home and take her to the potty when she throws up. Uh oh. This was not what we were expecting!!!

We decided against Costco, called Michael and Julie to let them know I couldn't watch Brooklyn Friday, and then secretly prayed that this was some mysterious food poisoning that we could not attribute to anything in particular.

Not so much. Friday morning, both Emma and Caleb had yuckies coming out both was awful!!! We made it through the morning, just sort of laying low. I made a grocery store run for Gatorade, chicken noodle soup, and only things with whole grains. After nap time (which was about 3+ hours...) they both woke up like their normal selves. Ben had to go out to Banning to get one of the carts fixed, so we made it a family trip and went to Costco. $450.00 dollars later, and I only wish I was kidding, we made it out and came home. Everything seemed to be going well. It had been almost 24 hours since anyone had thrown up. So, I washed, disinfected, and cleaned the whole house to prepare for our guests that evening.

Ben had his first day of the Fire Academy, and brought home a huge bag with his "Structure Fire" gear and his "Wildland Fire" gear. They have to practice being able to get in on in one minute. Anyway, he came home exhausted, and we had about half an hour until our guests started arriving. We made tons of food, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and all Ben's staff had "Christmas." (that's where Ben hands out backpacks, whistles, ref jerseys, waterbottles...etc, to all the staff). It was a success and even though the kitchen was a mess, I decided to leave it for the morning. The plan was for Ben to sleep in (Happy Father's Day) while I cleaned up and made breakfast.

Well, unfortunately, it was my turn. So, I spent Father's Day dead to the world, Ben got to be on kid duty all day with no help from me, and oh yeah, Caleb had a relapse and threw up again. And, six out of the twenty-four staff members who were here on Saturday already have the bug.
So, Ben is working extra overtime...or extra extra order to make up for missing six of his staff members. I am mortified that all these people are sick because of us, and I am praying and praying that no one else will have a visit of the yuckies because of us. =( Oh, and that Ben doesn't get it!!!


lnstryker said...

Bleh...Hope you are all better soon and praying that Ben doesn't get it. :-(

Rebecca said...

Wow. That really, really sucks. We'll be praying it stops soon.