Saturday, June 03, 2006

What we're going to do next...

The most frequently heard phrase in our house these days comes from Emma.
"What are we going to do next?"
And even when I give multiple answers to the question, I still hear it...only like this:
"So, after my nap, and after we do puzzles, and after our snack, then what are we going to do?"
I've even tried things like, "It's a suprise!" or, "We'll just have to wait and see..." but these don't seem to satisfy her.
Now seriously, I have thought about making a colorful little schedule that she can help me with to post up on the wall, so that I can refer her to the schedule and she can learn to answer the question for herself. I think it's a good idea...but then I realize...that the reason I usually don't want to answer the question is because I am tired and I don't really want to think that hard. So, do I really think I will make a chart? Well, who knows...we'll just have to see what we are going to do next.


lnstryker said...

my favorite question! I never have the right answers either. I frequently say I dpn't know, lets just get past the next ten minutes.

Rebecca said...

Oh my. She just might be type A. :)

The girls love big chunky checklists that I make with big check boxes and poorly-drawn pictures of the activities (even little activities like brushing hair/teeth, eating a snack, putting away books). If it's on the schedule they're stoked to get it done, so they can put a check next to it. Plus, I can make it up as we go, and don't have to plan the whole day. If you draw really big you can fill up the paper with only four or five things, and it looks satisfyingly full. We keep it on a clipboard that hangs from the wall, when in use. They've been preconditioned to do this because of Blue's Clues. They even have a little song when they check things off and see what's left. "We put our shoes oooon. . . Check! What's next?" Anyway, it's easier than charts and color coding. That would drive me nuts.