Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You really have to hear it...

Okay, so occasionally, when I've asked Ben to do something (like take out the trash), and he realizes a few days later that I went ahead and did it...he'll jokingly say to me, "My bad, boo..." and we all laugh.

So the other day, Miss Emma had finished going to the bathroom when I came in and saw that she AGAIN had been wiping on her own...So, I am giving her the speech about how she MUST tell mommy that she's done so I can make sure she's clean, when she shyly looks up at me and says, "My bad, boo..."

I laughed so hard, I couldn't even hold it together. But you really just have to hear it for yourself to catch the full effect.

Now it is too late, past midnight, Ben is still at work, and I really, really need to go to bed!!

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