Thursday, June 15, 2006

The baby in my tummy

Now, I am sure the kids are a little confused because Brooklyn is around quite a bit, yet we keep talking about the baby in mommy's tummy. Anyway, today Emma really wanted to hold Brooklyn, so I was helping her. She then tells me, "When baby Ava comes, then I will hold HIM and he will be really little."
Caleb thinks this is hilarious, so he starts chanting, "Baby Ava, Baby Ava."
I am unsure what to say because when I say it's not Baby Ava, they ask, "then what baby is it?"
(Ava was our baby girl name)
I am having serious concerns about Russell (Rusty) because it means "one with red hair." And my kids are toehead blondes, so I just am not sure if I can name our little boy that. I try saying that it will be a baby boy, but that doesn't seem to satisfy. And, since Ben and I don't have any other names picked out yet, I just go with it and decide that I will suffer the consequences later.
"It's Baby Rusty."


Rebecca said...

Rusty makes me think of cowboys. I like it. Who cares if it means red head. Wouldn't that be funny if he really did have red hair? You never know.

lnstryker said...

Rusty makes me think of a blond haired surfer type

Rebecca said...

Nah, we can't have any of those in the HESTER family.

hestermom said...

We can't have a red head...the poor kid would feel like an outcast compared to all us blondes...That would be sad. =(

lnstryker said...

That's funny cause the only Rusty I know is the son of a friend of mine from H.S. He has a curly blond mop that is adorable...I have never even met him but I can tell he is trouble :-)