Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Woman in Urgent Need of Medical Attention!!!

Now before I freak anyone out, the title was just because you start to feel this way as a pregnant woman these days. I remember with Emma, I was probably less than a month away from giving birth, but I was feeling good and wanted exercise. So Ben and I took our roller blades down to the point to have some fun. Now, first let me say that it's not as if you can really call it roller blading, we were barely was more like walking at a very slow pace. But I still had at least a few people coming up to me telling me that I shouldn't be doing that.
With Caleb, I had a lot of people telling me how I shouldn't be holding Emma while being pregnant, but she was barely a year I carried her when it was necessary.
And of course, I got a few weird looks the other night when we went roller skating, but I really am's not like I want to get hurt!!!
Anyway, my point really is that when you go through your first pregnancy, you tend to just do what everyone tells you to do. You don't know any better, you're scared to death anyway, and you figure that they must be right because the doctors do the same things for everyone. With Caleb, I got to the glucose test (around 28 weeks), which is of course where you come in fasting, they draw your blood, and then they make you drink this sugary drink and they draw your blood again after an hour. Man, I felt sick that entire day!! When I saw my doctor for the results, he asked if I had been sick. I was so suprised, I thought, "How did you know?" He said that my body processed the sugar too well, so it sent me into some sort of shock or something...and that I didn't have to do that test ever again. Of course, now I've moved, and my new doctor doesn't really care what my old doctor says...they want me to do the test. But for the first time I started thinking, you know, it doesn't seem like that smart of an idea to starve a pregnant lady and then pump her full of sugar just to see how she'll respond.
At the birth center, they draw your blood on an empty stomach, then they have you eat 2 eggs, a piece of toast, and 8 oz. each of juice and milk. Then they draw your blood again after an hour. I thought to there's a test I can hop on board with!!!
So, the title was just because I've been feeling more like a specimen, or a co-pay, or a medical emergency when I go to the doctor rather than a woman having a baby. Hopefully I will find my way through this mess and find a happy medium...I don't want to be that patient that refuses to do any testing or anything they want me to do. Seriously, I want to be compliant and wonderful and not make any fuss. But I also want to make the very best decisions for our family and our babies...and so I guess that means I better make sure and educate myself so I can do just that.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've caught up with your blog and am amused at your mommy stories! I miss seeing you, and have avoided calling because I figure you're way too busy with all those kids. I'm glad you've changed to the center, because you should not feel like an inconvenience when you're pregnant. You're carrying a precious human being and it takes a lot out of you. I'm glad you love being a momma. I do, too.

Rebecca said...

Did you find out if the center can be covered by insurance yet? That would be so nice. I can't wait to see you!