Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Ultrasound

Okay, so today I had my "real" ultrasound at the doctor's office. We decided that it was best if Ben just stayed home with the kids, and Renee came and met me there so that I would have someone to come in for the ten minutes of precious "family time." Anyway, the technician was very nice, and she seemed to get all the measurements she needed. She did also seem to agree with the "mall ultrasound tech" that we are indeed having a boy. Even I could tell pretty well.
Of course, having had ultrasounds before, I was anxious to hear if his size was normal, was my due date accurate, did he seem nice and healthy....To which they tell me that they can tell me nothing and I will just have to wait to see my doctor. After twenty minutes of measurements and very little answers to any of my questions, they let Renee in and we got to see the little man with his legs at a perfect 90 degree angle pushing out on the bottom of my uterus. This kid wants out already??? Oh no, no...we need him to be patient!!! But, I thought he looked very healthy and wonderful.

P.S. Upon showing the ultrasound pictures to the kids, I said, "This is a picture of the baby!"
Caleb responded, "Oh."
Emma said, "How did you get a picture of the baby?"

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Rebecca said...

That's a good question!

It sucks how the tech people can't tell you anything.