Saturday, January 02, 2016


Well, Elijah and I were scheduled to fly back to NY on Monday. Unfortunately, we had had a case of the croupy cough going through. He was doing much better, but to be safe I took him to the pediatrician so they could listen to his lungs and clear him for anesthesia. He seemed to be doing well and he got the okay. However! That night, he became so much more congested.  We keep sucking his nose clear and doing all the normal at-home things we can. But after discussion with his nurse in NY, we decided that the best thing for Elijah is to postpone his appointment for a week.

I have so many mixed emotions about it all. Of course, I would never want to put Elijah at risk! They explained that even within a week of symptoms, going under anesthesia can cause symptoms to reappear and cause trouble.  I definitely don't want that for Elijah!
But, this is also the first time he has gone 5 weeks (instead of 3 of 4) since June!  I am anxious to get back and see what's happening in regards to tumor growth (or lack thereof!)

It's just another opportunity to slow down and trust the Lord.  Both Ben and I have had a cold, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't physically up to the trip in two days. So the extra week is better for us both to heal and get better. 

But it's always hard to be postponed. :)

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