Monday, January 11, 2016

A long day....

I had the most amazing seat mates on my flight this time!
The first flight went pretty well and the kids loved getting to be on an airplane for the first time. (The second flight was a little more rough, and let's face it: Elijah was OVER it.) :-)
Then we had to ride the Skylink train at Dallas/Fort Worth airport.
Big sister sharing pizza with Elijah.
After checking in to Ronald McDonald, and Emma and Caleb making beds for me and helping to get a crib set up for was after 10pm and we hadn't had dinner. it is!  The pizza place around the corner is open until 1am.
Had to try the homemade tiramisu.
And last, but not's FREEZING! We weren't *quite* prepared seeing as how we were still in the clothes we were wearing from traveling. But we couldn't help but take a very short walk so Emma could see this part of 73rd St., which I have talked about every trip for the last couple of months. It's so pretty!!!  The trees are lit up and make an arch over the street.
But we are ready for bed and have an early morning at the hospital!!!!
Good night!!!!!

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Jeff Frazee said...

And... You made a blog post. Don't forget you're amazing... and it looks like you've got some amazing kids.
Just want you to know that Heidi and I see you. We have never been where you are, and it is entirely evident that the Spirit is acting through you. Have no fear! You're shining bright.