Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Great News!!!!

We hit the streets after a short night of not sleeping much. Caleb slept through a bit of it, but poor Emma had to get Elijah out of the crib for me when he would cry.... Which was most of the night.
We did a good amount of waiting.... 
They decided to do a breathing treatment on Elijah to make sure he was clear and open for anesthesia.
He went back for his exam, and quite honestly, I was sort of preparing for bad news.
His doctor came and said there was no *measureable* growth!!!! (What that means technically is that they *suspect* a small amount of growth with their high tech gadgets, but it is not measureable or even detectable with the human eye. So. Just to be cautious, they lasered two spots that would not affect vision, they gave him a little Tylenol, and they will see him back in 7 weeks!!!!
Took the kids to grab some food, and asked if they wanted to explore. Since Elijah was sleeping so well in the stroller, they requested that we return to RMH and rest for a bit before we attempt any activity. Everybody is pretty wiped out!

But we are so excited about this great news!!!!

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KirbyMom said...

GREAT news!! Praising God w/you & praying for rest. Listening to Chris Tomlin's "Good, Good Father" this am I was praying for you & confident He is & will continue to provide what Elijah & your family needs because He "is perfect in all of [His] ways" and He loves you all (His children) so very much. ❤️