Sunday, January 10, 2016

Change of plans...

Well, we have been working hard to make sure Elijah stays well enough to
go under anesthesia for his exam.

But in the back is acting up again.  It went "out" Thursday, we did the chiropractor on Friday, massage on Saturday. 

As we looked ahead at Elijah and I being on a plane and in NY together, with a momma who can't lift her baby....we realized we needed a change of plans.  I can walk, and I can hold Elijah for shorter periods of time, but I can't bend down and pick him up (say, out of a crib or a stroller).
Unfortunately, we just didn't have the resources to make sure the kids were covered here at home so that Ben could go with me.

So. My big two are coming.  Emma will be such a big help with Elijah, and Caleb will be such a helper with heavy lifting and helping with the tasks we will have when cleaning and checking out of RMH and all.

It was not exactly how we planned this trip to go. But we just have to trust that the Lord will provide and care for us.

I'm so thankful for these big two, willing to help with 2am feedings and taking out trash.  We will spend the day packing and trying to get what we need together and then tomorrow, we head to NY!

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