Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adventures in NY

We did actually have a lovely time in NY, and I wanted to chronicle some of our adventures.
A short walk through Central Park....I normally do much more walking than we did this time, but it was much colder than it's ever been!!!  I think it was around 28 degrees this day.
The steps of the plaza. Underneath the plaza is sort of like a food court-more affordable options. :-)
I knew I wanted to bring the kids to Vive Le Crepe!  We chose two savory crepes and one sweet crepe. Emma chose Ham and Gruyere, Caleb chose Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, spinach and capers, and for dessert we chose apples and cinnamon.  They were delicious!!!
Followed up with NY's famous black and white cookies.
We rounded out that day by spending time with our friend "Mr. Joey", who cut Emma and Caleb's hair, and then a quiet evening back at the Ronald McDonald house. This was the one night that Elijah slept pretty well. :)
The next morning we met up with my friend Margaret for breakfast.  We had such a lovely time with her! And with her counsel, we were able to board the cross town bus and head toward the American Museum of Natural History. (I normally walk across town, but as I mentioned, it was much colder this time!)
We met up with a dear friend and her kiddos and experienced the Shake Shack. The black and white milkshake was ah-mazing!!!!!  The Kill girls so kindly indulged Emma's request of riding the subway!  We rode to Rockefeller Center and back.
We rode the bus back across town, where we stopped for some French pastries. Emma is learning French and receives extra credit for things she brings to class. So it was only right that we got some pastries to try after dinner, along with the bag and box she can bring to her class for credit.
A chocolate tart, a chocolate with passion fruit mousse, and an uzu lemon tart. SO good! We were all beat and knew we had to be up quite early for the return flight home. 
It was so cool! They had the music room open at Ronald McDonald, so Caleb was able to go in and play an electric guitar. He had been working on a song entitled "Though You Slay Me." The guys in there were so cool, they looked up the chords and gathered around him to play with him. He got to play the drums too!!
I had some food delivered to the Ronald McDonald house, and we began packing up.
Elijah had another rough night, but by 5:15am it was time to get up and clean what we could of the room and head out. By 6:30am we were in a taxi on our way to the airport!!! 
Aside from the 5 minutes of the fire alarm blaring and flashing at the airport (false alarm!).....it was uneventful. (Thank you Lord!) We were all anxious to return home and we are so thankful for the adventures we did get to have!!!!

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