Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Despite the sometimes weariness I feel, we have had a wonderful month, full of lots of fun. I don't want to forget all the wonderful things to be thankful for:

The Women's Worship night at church with my girl.
My husband's work Christmas party.

Our own little Christmas party at home.
A dinner date with Noah.
Lunch with grandma including a trip to the library the day Caleb had his minor oral surgery.
This darling little Santa girl.
Tickets given to us to see the Nutcracker Ballet, which revolutionized Evelyn's life. Now so much is about being a ballerina.
The Paseo Nuevo mall all lit up and decorated:
Children's Hospital and a lunch date with these two gentlemen.
Star Wars, Episode 7.
A super fun Christmas party!
Time with the cousins!
A local church offers a meal in the park for those who are homeless, or just don't have anywhere to go that day.  We had gone on Thanksgiving, but they had so many helpers, they didn't need much help. (Which is great!). So for Christmas, we decided to go early and help set up. We also purchased bookmarks and candy canes for the kids to pass out. It was so sweet! But this picture is one of my favorite memories of that day. Ben had talked with a few men and prayed with them, and was just about to pray with this gentlemen who was going through a rough season in His life. Just then, our 4 year old boy comes bouncing up with a candy cane to say "Merry Christmas!"  The man held out his hand to Judah and they all prayed together.

It was a full month, and we have much to be thankful for!!!!

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